35 Genius Ways for You to Burn 100 Calories ...

By Neecey

35 Genius  Ways for You  to Burn 100 Calories  ...

The best ways to burn calories have got to be those that are seemingly effortless – those which you can do as you go about your daily life, without having to change into exercise gear or visit the gym. The next time you’re thinking about getting a bit more active, check out this list of ways to burn 100 calories.

Table of contents:

  1. dinner party
  2. active video games
  3. gardening
  4. walk the dog
  5. beach soccer/football
  6. flash mob!
  7. outdoor party
  8. hot walks
  9. trampoline
  10. skates
  11. golf
  12. climb
  13. hike
  14. elliptical
  15. group exercise
  16. stretching
  17. flag football
  18. run
  19. diving
  20. spring clean
  21. cycling
  22. shoot hoops
  23. try sailing
  24. paint a room
  25. badminton
  26. nap!
  27. dodgeball
  28. go shopping
  29. dance
  30. dog bath
  31. hopscotch
  32. piano
  33. tai chi
  34. beach volleyball
  35. tv!

1 Dinner Party

Dinner Party Host a dinner part for all of your friends. You’ll be on your feet for a lot of the evening burning calories from your hosting duties and running around the kitchen. 38 minutes of chopping and serving will burn 100 calories.

2 Active Video Games

Active Video Games Have a video game session on something like a Nintendo Wii that requires you to be up and active instead of on the couch. Burn rate depends on activity.

3 Gardening

Gardening Indulge in a spot of gardening when the sun is out. You will be burning calories and making your surroundings prettier! 20 minutes of digging and planting will lighten your calories by 100.

4 Walk the Dog

Walk the Dog If you have a dog, taking it out for a good long walk is an easy and fun way to burn some calories. 30-40 minutes will do the trick.

5 Beach Soccer/football

Beach Soccer/football If you are lucky enough to have beach nearby, one of the best things you can do is play beach soccer for even just 20 minutes and the pay off is 100 calories spent.

6 Flash Mob!

Flash Mob! Take part in a flash mob. They are super fun to be a part of and they often involve dancing and singing! Repeat a song 4 times while moving and that's your 100 calories gone.

7 Outdoor Party

Outdoor Party Go and have an outdoor party with your friends. Partying outdoors means you are more likely to move around compared to the confines of a house. Make sure you don't eat too much or you'll be taking those 100 calories back in.

8 Hot Walks

Hot Walks Get out in the sun when the day is at its hottest and just go for a casual stroll; you will burn more calories in the heat. 30 minutes will do it.

9 Trampoline

Trampoline Let out your inner 10 year old by having a super fun and super calorie burning 27 minute session on a trampoline!

10 Skates

Skates Go retro and dig out your old roller skates.They provide a great alternative to a normal walk and give a better overall workout in 15 minutes.

11 Golf

Golf Indulge in an afternoon of golfing or even just 40 minutes. Not only is it a fun game but it also incorporates a long walk.

12 Climb

Climb Have a look at all of the offers on Groupon. They usually offer a discount on cool activities like rock climbing. Scale a wall for 10 minutes and bingo, spend 100 calories.

13 Hike

Hike Make the most of the natural beauty that you have around you and go on a hike. 15-20 minutes brisk hiking will cost you 100 calories,

14 Elliptical

Elliptical The great thing about using an elliptical is that you can get a great calorie burn from only a short work out - 12 minutes = 100 calories.

15 Group Exercise

Group Exercise Hit the exercise mat with a pal and make a fun competition out of your session; it will make it seem less daunting. There's so many ways to burn 100 calories this way.

16 Stretching

Stretching You can actually burn around 100 calories over a week just by doing a series of flexibility-increasing stretch exercises for 6 minutes a day.

17 Flag Football

Flag Football Channel your inner Monica from Friends and play a 12 minute game of flag football to get your blood pumping!

18 Run

Run Just a ten-minute run at a good pace can easily burn off 100 calories.

19 Diving

Diving You can burn lots of calories by trying out different types of dives in 30 minutes; the extra stretching and body movement really helps.

20 Spring Clean

Spring Clean Burn some calories and make your living environment more appealing by doing a thorough spring clean. For example: Scrub windows for 14 minutes (45 calories), vacuum for 10 minutes (37 calories), and wash dishes for 7 minutes (19 calories).

21 Cycling

Cycling Go on a nice bike ride around your city; take in some sights whilst burning calories.

22 Shoot Hoops

Shoot Hoops Get in the backyard and pretend you’re a kid again by spending 21 minutes shooting hoops!

23 Try Sailing

Try Sailing Not only is sailing a really fun and rewarding hobby, but it gives a fully body workout. Just 20 minutes aboard will torch those 100 calories

24 Paint a Room

Paint a Room Painting a room in your house for just 30 minutes can burn up to 100 calories.

25 Badminton

Badminton Badminton is one of the best sports for beginners, so grab your racket and get burning! A 20 minute session is what you need.

26 Nap!

Nap! It might seem crazy but taking a two hour nap can actually burn 100 calories!

27 Dodgeball

Dodgeball Release some pent up aggression and burn calories all in one with a good 20 minute game of dodgeball.

28 Go Shopping

Go Shopping The walking and lifting that an hour-long shopping trip involves can definitely burn 100 calories.

29 Dance

Dance Put on some of your favorite tunes and dance for 30 minutes. The calories will come falling off!

30 Dog Bath

Dog Bath The amount of exercise and strain that it actually takes to get your dog in the bath for 30 minutes can have the desired calorie burning effect.

31 Hopscotch

Hopscotch Take it right back to your childhood by playing a throwback game of hopscotch for twenty minutes.

32 Piano

Piano A good 45-minute session on the piano can be really good for burning 100 calories.

33 Tai Chi

Tai Chi Tai chi is a low intensity exercise but it is still great at helping to rid of 100 calories when you do it for 25 minutes.

34 Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball Get a suntan and get in shape at the same time with 12 minutes of beach volleyball.

35 TV!

TV! Perhaps the most enjoyable suggestion of all, 90 minutes of TV watching will actually burn nearly 100 calories!

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