Easy Tweaks πŸ”„ That Take the Pain πŸ˜– out of Weight Loss βš–οΈ ...

Losing weight is a difficult process – way more hard than putting weight on, which is also far more fun: nom nom cake. So what if I let you in on the secret that there are some diet tweaks that will help you lose weight that are not only easy to do but are also painless. You still get to eat yummy stuff and they don’t deprive you of some of your favorite things.

1. Switch out White Potatoes for Sweet Potatoes

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White potatoes can be a controversial starch, with some diets suggesting to include them and others telling you to stay far away. Sweet potatoes however are universally recommended because they have a lower glycemic index than white potatoes, are lower in calories and they also are packed full of beta-carotene, which can help improve your vision!

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