The Best Ways for Lazy Girls to Lose Weight ...


The Best Ways for Lazy Girls to Lose Weight ...
The Best Ways for Lazy Girls to Lose Weight ...

So you want to lose weight even though you are lazy and not sure just where to begin. Fad diets and empty promises of weight loss infomercials have you majorly confused. And they have you feeling even lazier. But relax and be rest assured because as a certified trainer for well over a decade, I have proven tips to help you shed pounds and get in shape. And there is no time like the present to get in your best shape. So let’s get started today with these slim down tips:

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Drink More Water

food, produce, plant, fruit, breakfast, It may seem so simple but it is so often overlooked. Drinking more water can majorly help you to lose weight. Set a goal of 8-10 glasses of water daily and sip away. Staying properly hydrated can help speed up your metabolism because this helps your digestion to perform more efficiently. H20 is so the way to go!


Get More Steps

clothing, footwear, tights, leg, thigh, Get up and move more to slim down and get in super shape. The best way to track your steps is to wear a fitness tracker like the fitbit. This device is like having a personal trainer with you on a daily basis. You can set up some fitness devices to vibrate if you are sedentary for so long. And this is the perfect reminder to stop being a lazy girl if you want to lose weight!


Move during Commercials

clothing, underpants, undergarment, active undergarment, lingerie, Stop laying on the couch and get up to move during commercials. It is totally fine to relax and watch your favorite television shows but commercials are a time you can do floor exercises or get up and walk around. In a 30 minute show you can get an 8 minute workout. And every little bit adds up to make a big difference.


Take the Stairs

clothing, lady, muscle, sport venue, blond, How many times have you waited in line to go up a few stories on an elevator when you could have used this as a time to get moving? It is embarrassing if you sit to think about the times you have chosen to be lazy. Stop using the elevator and take the stairs. Seriously, every little bit counts!


Park Further Away

clothing, beauty, human positions, muscle, swimwear, We have all driven around looking for the closest spot at the mall or grocery store. Maybe it was raining that day or you just were feeling lazy but this has to stop. If you park further away you will get some more activity. And every step adds up to help you achieve your goals. So park far away and walk it out!

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Silence at the proper season is wisdom, and better than any speech.


Get Social

clothing, active undergarment, undergarment, lingerie, swimwear, Join a running club, hiking group or even basketball team. No matter what your age or activity level, I am certain you are not alone. So take the next step and join an active group to help you socialize while you get in shape! This will help diminish your lazy days because birds of a feather flock together so surround yourself with active friends!


Eat Mini Meals

dish, food, meal, breakfast, produce, Smaller meals spread out throughout the day will help to rev your metabolism, eliminate mood swings and even have you feeling more energy. You will no longer feel sluggish from putting your body in overdrive to breakdown mega meals. Think small and slim down from your healthier choices!

So regardless of how lazy you may be, you can always make small changes to better your health, lose weight and feel amazing!

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