7 Kitchen Tricks That Will Make You Lose Weight ...

Alicia Fannin

7 Kitchen Tricks That Will Make You Lose Weight ...

Did you know that there’re kitchen tricks to help you lose weight? It’s surprising how the way things are arranged in your kitchen can help your weight loss. The same thing can be said of using kitchen gadgets. It really is about more than just counting calories.

1 Forgo the Cookie Jar

The cookie jar is a temptation jar. If the cookie jar is a fixture in your kitchen then it might be time to find it a new home. If you know that there’re cookies in that jar then every time you walk by it, you’re going to be tempted. This’s truer still if the jar is glass. You’re just torturing yourself. Getting rid of the cookie jar can help you on your path to weight loss.

2 Stash the Chips out of Sight

This’s another kitchen trick. A lot of kitchen tricks have to do with what’s in our line of sight and this one’s included. Many people store bags of chips out on their kitchen counter. This isn’t a good idea. You’re much more likely to grab a handful as you walk through the kitchen when they’re out in plain sight than you would be if they were stored in a cabinet. Store them out of sight and you’ll probably eat far less of them.

3 Put Healthy Foods Front and Center

This’s a trick I follow in my own kitchen. I have a shelf in my refrigerator at eye level that I keep filled with healthy snacks. When I open my fridge, those’re the first things I see. I’ve found I’m much more likely to grab a yogurt or an apple when it’s what’s in front of me. Store the tempting treats on a lower shelf so they aren’t right in your line of sight. Better yet, leave those goodies back at the store.

4 Let Fruit Be Your Eye Candy

You know what’s good to have out on your kitchen counter? Fruit. If you’re going to grab something to snack on between meals then this’s a good choice. Fruit is visually appealing because of all the bright colors that fruit naturally has. Let fruit be the eye candy of your kitchen.

5 Switch to Smaller Plates

Using a smaller plate can trick you into eating less. You don’t have as much room on your plate so you don’t take as much food. Additionally, if your smaller plate is full then you don’t feel deprived. Plates are actually bigger now than they were several decades ago. This partially explains why obesity is more of problem now than it used to be.

6 Actually Measure Your Food

You think that you can eyeball a serving, right? You might be surprised. Commit to measuring your food for a week. You’ll probably be shocked at how you were overestimating serving sizes. The one that got me the most was ice cream. A half cup of ice cream is a lot smaller than I thought it was.

7 Shrink Your Recipes

You can cut a lot of recipes in half. There’re several benefits to this. Not only are you making less available to eat but you’re saving money. If you only make half a batch of cupcakes then you’ll be able to make them again another day. Many times we eat more simply because it’s available to us. This’s an especially important tip when it comes to choices that aren’t the diet-friendly such as cupcakes, cookies and other treats.

These’re 7 kitchen tricks that can help you lose weight. Which ones do you plan to try? I’d love to hear from you!