Trying to Lose Weight? These Are the Things about Your Metabolism You Should Know


If you have a good understanding of your own metabolism, it makes your weight loss journey easier. Each individual’s metabolic rate is unique to them but there are some generalizations about metabolism that can help everyone.

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Circuit Training Will Speed up Your Metabolism Naturally

One of the few facts about your metabolism that few people understand is that it is not like a mechanical clock working or an engine. It is part of your entire self and part of your homeostasis as a human. Going for a jog is fine, or doing exercise in a gym is fine, but if your goal is to speed up your metabolism, then circuit training is for you. You can spend as little as ten minutes every day doing it. Pick three exercises, such as arm reaches, sit-ups, and bicep curls. Do one exercise, jog a little, and then do the next. Do not give yourself any downtime. Whilst you are jogging on the spot, it gives you a little time to recover before you do the next without stopping your workout. This done every day will increase your metabolism rate.


Fiber is Your Biggest Friend

If you want to put it simply, if you move your bowels every day, then your metabolism is doing okay. That is a very simple guide, but as a rule, it is not terrible. Fiber will help you pass stool more easily and more regularly. It will make you feel better and help increase your metabolism speed.


Water Adds Weight but Speeds up Your Metabolism

This is a very difficult one to explain to women because it seems counterintuitive. Stand on your scales and take a measurement, drink a pint of water and stand on the scales again. Notice how it went up almost dramatically? The fact is that water adds weight, and the worst part is that women are better than men are at retaining it. However, if you want a faster metabolism, want more energy and want to lose more weight, then keeping yourself hydrated is essential. You will need to increase your fluid intake at the beginning and understand that whilst you are exercising and speeding up your metabolism that you are going to put on a little weight. However, when you do start losing weight you will lose it permanently and not just for a week.


You Should Eat Fats, Just Not in Excess

If you do not put fat into your bloodstream, then your body will retain it in your fat cells because your body assumes food is becoming scarce. To burn fat you need to eat it too, which again sounds counterintuitive, but it is true. The key factor is how much you eat. Eat fat in excess and your body will store it, eat too little and your body will retain it and you will feel less energetic.


If You Exercise, then Protein Will Speed up Your Metabolism

This is true is you are exercising and want to tone up too. Nobody wants flappy bits of skin hanging around after losing weight. Gentle exercise allows your body to firm up, but that also means putting on and toning up your muscles, and that can be done with protein. Increase your intake of mushrooms for protein, and eat dark green leafy vegetables for iron because as a woman you will need extra if you are working out. If you suddenly hit a wall when you are working out (for no good reason), you may need more salt in your system.


Spicy Foods Are Good in Moderation

Do not take this as a sign that you should have a curry every night. Once per week, even less maybe, is good enough to give your metabolism a little boost. Twice per month is fine too. Too much and you make your digestive functions suffer. Having one every now and again gives your metabolism a little kick in the right direction.


Get Enough Sleep and Stop Eating at Night

Your metabolism will slow down if you are tired. We get energy from sleep and from food, and if you reduce any of each, then your metabolism will slow down to compensate. Not getting enough sleep means not having enough energy to maintain your faster metabolism, and means you will do less exercise in general. When you eat, your body takes quite a while to turn what you ate into fat. Usually a lot of what you eat is never turned to fat because it is used by the body. If you eat late at night, then your body has nothing to do with the food all night and so stores it up as fat to save for later.

Do you think these facts about your metabolism will improve your eating habits?

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Very informative!

This was great Ty

Does drinking milk help too?

18 months ago I had to cut out fat completely for 3 months whilst waiting for a gallbladder removal . Over about six months I lost over a stone in weight but have since put back 5 pounds after op. As I now eat a little fat.

fruits and veggies ❤️

Thanks, just what I needed to hear at this moment. Very encouraging

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