The Dos and Don'ts of Weightlifting Which Techniques Will Help You Lose Weight?


Weightlifting is a very valuable addition to your weight loss routine. Why? Because it builds lean muscle mass, which boosts your metabolism and helps your body burn calories more efficiently. Adding weights to your weight loss plan is sure to boost your results and get you in the shape you want and crave. Start easy and build your routine as you gain strength and endurance. Here are the dos and don’ts you need to know.

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Don’t Include More than Two or Three Weight Training Sessions Each Week

In this case, more is not better. Why? Because your body needs at least a day of rest of between weight training sessions for your muscles to recover. Too much lifting and you set yourself up for injuries and slowed progress. The Mayo Clinic suggests two or three 20-minuite lifting sessions each week.


Do Start with a Small Pound Load and Increase as You Go

Yes, you want results right away, but you should never start with a really heavy pound load. Instead, you want to start with a set of weights that allow you to complete one set of exercises without effecting your form. To find the right amount of weight for you, complete a set of a certain exercise. The last two or three reps should be hard. Once that pound load feels too easy, add weight. This will keep your progress on track.


Don’t Attempt to Teach Yourself to Lift Weights Properly

Self-taught skills are important, but when it comes to lifting weights, you want to be taught by a professional. Improper weight lifting techniques can lead to muscle sprains or strains. Plus, doing it wrong won’t give you the results you want. See a trainer at the gym for a quick tutorial on how to lift and you’ll be on your way to weight loss in no time.


Do Stand in Front of a Mirror so You Can Check Your Form

Proper form is vital to getting the benefits from lifting weights. When you’re new to lifting, a large mirror will be your best friend. Combined with the lessons from a professional, you can achieve proper form without much extra effort. Stand in front of the mirror so you can make sure you are doing what your trainer showed you to do. If you detect issues, adjust as needed. Easy, right?


Don’t Hold Your Breath While You Go through Your Routine

Next time you’re lifting weights, pay close attention to your breath. Chances are, you’ll find yourself holding it in. It’s important to breathe while you lift because it keeps your blood pressure normal. Breathe out when you lift the weight and breathe in when you lower it.


Do Focus on Each Major Muscle Group Each Time You Work out

Even if you want rock star arms or super toned legs, it’s important to work out all of your muscles evenly. Muscle imbalances can lead to injuries and a disproportionate look in your body shape. It’s fine to do a few extra moves for your trouble spots, but make sure you include a few moves for all your body parts.


Don’t Give up and Quit before You Get Results

Weight lifting isn’t going to provide immediate results. There’s a saying that goes that you’ll see results in four weeks, loved ones will notice in about eight weeks and everyone else will rave about your new body in about twelve weeks. So, don’t give up! Stick with your routine and you’ll see results soon!

Are you ready to start lifting weights? Do you have any other tips to add?

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I have a trainer when I'm lifting weights and if it wasn't for him I would have done everything improperly so I 100% agree you need to have a professional to help you

My trainer taught me all of these :)

If really does help to EXHALE on the most strenuous part-you can feel the release of tension.

I have RA & spinal degeneration, fibromyalgia, etc, only 38, I desperately need 2 know how to work out without hurting myself. Help plz! 😊 Ty!

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