7 New Morning Rituals to Help Boost Weight Loss ...


7 New Morning Rituals to Help Boost Weight Loss ...
7 New Morning Rituals to Help Boost Weight Loss ...

When it comes to losing weight, most people will try anything. However, what a lot of people don’t realize is that you can lose a substantial amount of weight just by changing up your morning routine in a few small ways. You can do a little bit of yoga when you wake up every morning, switch out the coffee for something healthier, or even just skip the office breakfasts. No matter what you choose to change about your morning routine, with these alterations you’ll be losing weight in no time at all!

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dance, sports, performing arts, entertainment, arm, Even if you don’t feel like you’re burning a ton of calories when you do yoga, you must admit that it does put you in a great mindset to tackle the day, especially when you do it first thing in the morning. Starting your day off with that positive energy is a great way to encourage weight loss!


Drink Hot Water with Lemon

citrus, food, plant, produce, fruit, Although most people end their nights with hot water and lemon, some studies are now saying that it may be better in the morning. It aids digestion, flushes out toxins in your system, and can even help curb your appetite. If you can wean yourself off of coffee or tea, this is the perfect drink to start your morning and help you lose weight!



clothing, blue, fashion, spring, dress, If you follow my articles you know that I’m a huge advocate for juicing. Whether you want to start a juice cleanse or simply add juice to your daily routine, a nice juice along with your breakfast early in the morning is a great way to not only curb your appetite, but to get a few servings of fruit and vegetables into your system!


Get Your Workout in Every Morning

human positions, human action, sitting, clothing, person, I don’t know about you, but I’m usually someone who loves to work out at night. If you do the same thing, try to break that habit and work out in the morning. It will quickly give you a kick in the pants to conquer the day and you’ll lose weight as a result! It’s such an easy switch, but one that a lot of us don’t think to make!


Sleep a Little Longer

human action, person, product, dress, bridal clothing, It seems like the lazy option, but it actually makes sense. Sleep in a little bit longer, because while you’re sleeping you’re burning calories, but you’re also avoiding late night and early morning cravings that can ruin any potential weight loss!


Walk or Bike Instead of Drive

clothing, footwear, fashion, sports, Change up your usual commute! If you live close enough to work or school that you could walk or ride a bike but you usually drive, make a point to walk or ride a bike to work every morning. It’s such an easy way to incorporate fitness into your daily routine.


Avoid Office Breakfasts

food, dessert, pâtisserie, meal, baked goods, If you work in an office, breakfasts are probably plentiful. Avoid the donuts and bagels by eating breakfast before you go to work and sipping from a water bottle through the course of the day. It will help you avoid those sugary treats!

What are your tips and tricks for your morning routine that help you lose weight? Will you try any of these tips and tricks out? Let me know how you’ve altered your morning routine in the comments!

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Hot water with lemon is as useful as just hot water, vitamin C is destroyed at 40°C, so drink it warm for all the benefits.

Bikram Yoga is great!

This so helpful!!!!!!!

I have cold water with lemon every morning before work, would this give me the same benefits as hot water and lemon??

Having a green tea with lemon in de morning also makes u lose weight

Lemon and water every morning and night for great skin and strong body I feel fantastic

I drink cumin water every morning I soak cumin seeds every night and boil it in the morning it's really good


Avoid office brekky not sure about that as my at home away frm home office is in my peak coffee coffee shop

I was just saying that I'm so sick of people in work bringing in donuts and Danish for everyone! Would it kill you to choose something that's actually healthy?!

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