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The pool is a great place to cool off on hot summer days. Instead of lounging around on a float to tan or sitting on the deck with a book, you should incorporate some exercises into your swimming routine. The next time you hop into the pool, here are the best ways to lose weight while in the water:

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Water Ballet

If you want to strengthen your legs or your abs, you can try moves from a water ballet. Some of the best ones are knee lifts, leg lifts, and flutter kicks. They're all easy to do, but they'll still help you build muscle in the areas that you want.


Running Underwater

It's much harder to run underwater than it is to run on land. That's why this is such a great cardio workout! All you have to do is pick up your knees and move your arms while remaining in one place. If you have any pool noodles or kick boards, you can incorporate them into your workout routine to make things easier on yourself.


Pullups on Side of the Pool

If you have an underground pool, you can swim to the edge of it and do pushups on the concrete. All you have to do is place your palms on the ground and lift yourself up with your arms. Keep your feet away from the walls, because that's considered cheating. This workout is meant to build muscles in your arms, not your legs.



You can do exercises that you'd normally do on land while you're inside of the pool. Squats, for example, are perfect to do if you're in a pool that allows your feet to touch the ground. You'll bend, just like you would in a regular squat on land, except you're going to let your arms go under the water when you do so. Just make sure that your head stays above the water.


Water Aerobics

Here's an entire workout routine for you to try that contains several different exercises. You're going to be doing a lot of jumping, so make sure you stand in the shallow part of the pool, where your head will be above the water and feet will be on the ground.


Pool Games

You can have plenty of fun while working out. Instead of hopping into the pool all alone to engage in your exercise routine, you can grab your friends and family to play some group games. Just stick to the games that force you to move around a lot, so you actually strengthen your muscles while you play.


Basic Swimming

There's no better exercise to do in the water than to just swim around! Do a sidestroke from one side of the pool to the other side, then do a backstroke from one side to the other, then a breastwork from one side to the other. Mix up your tactics, so that you work out as many different muscles in your body as you can.

The pool is the perfect place to exercise when it's hot out. Sure, you'll tire yourself out, but the water will be able to cool you right back down. What exercises do you do when you jump in the pool?

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