7 Stellar Ways to Be Supportive for People Whose Partner is Losing Weight ...


7 Stellar Ways to Be Supportive for People Whose Partner is Losing Weight ...
7 Stellar Ways to Be Supportive for People Whose Partner is Losing Weight ...

Losing weight isn't always an easy journey. So if your partner is trying to drop a few pounds, he might need your motivation and support. Here are seven ways to help your partner with his weight loss goals.

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Be His Biggest Cheerleader

Some people are motivated to lose weight, but lose steam after a few weeks or months. This might happen if they’re not dropping weight fast enough. To support your partner’s weight loss, become his biggest cheerleader. Let him know you're here to offer support in anyway possible. If he's feeling down or ready to give up, offer loving encouragement to help him stay focused.


Drop a Few Pounds Yourself

Your partner might not be the only one who’s slightly overweight. If you want to drop pounds too, lose weight together. You can become a support to each other. It might be easier for your partner to stick with his weight loss goals if he's not alone and going through the process with someone else.


Start a Reward System

Once you and your partner decide to lose weight, set up a reward system that benefits both of you. You’ll need to make healthier choices and be consistent. But at the same time, it's okay to reward yourself. For example, you might get a slice of pizza once you hit a certain milestone – maybe after losing 10 pounds. Once you lose another 10 pounds, you can give yourself another treat.


Work out Together

Even if you don't need to lose weight, you can start a regular workout routine with your partner — at least a few times a week. To support your partner as he loses weight, you can also get a gym membership or suggest other fun activities like bike riding, swimming, hiking or playing sports.


Don’t Tempt Him with Food

If you're not trying to lose weight, you might indulge in pizza, burgers and french fries from time to time. But it's important that you don't tempt your partner with food. Be aware of foods your partner doesn't want to eat. Don’t indulge in front of him, and don't encourage your partner to cheat if he's committed to sticking with his weight loss goals.


Don’t Judge

Dieting is restrictive and frustrating, and some people give into cravings. If your partner gets off-track, don't judge. He might be having a bad day and need a little indulgence, or he might feel like he’s depriving himself and needs a cheat meal. As long as he gets back on track, he’ll stay on the path toward reaching his weight loss goals.


Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle

Not only should you encourage your partner while he's losing weight, you can encourage a completely healthier lifestyle. This includes being active most days of the week and choosing low-fat foods like vegetables, fruits and whole grains, plus limiting sugar — sodas and sugary juices. These efforts will not only speed your partner’s weight loss, it’ll help him keep off the weight.

Losing weight is a battle for many people and it takes determination and patience. Rather than stand in your partner’s way and make it harder for him, be a source of support and encouragement for him.

What are other ways to support your partner as he loses weight?

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I my husband has lost 45 pounds due to Stage 4 cancer treatment. I'd be thrilled if he gained 10 pounds now. He has lost so much muscle mass.

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