Simple Ways to Maintain Your Weight for Girls Who Nailed Their Goal ...


Simple Ways to Maintain Your Weight for Girls Who Nailed Their Goal ...
Simple Ways to Maintain Your Weight for Girls Who Nailed Their Goal ...

Congratulations! You’ve finally reached your goal weight and that’s something to be proud of. Now, you need to follow easy ways to maintain weight loss because you can’t expect it just stay that way. It’s going to require a lot of effort and vigilance to keep the weight from creeping back on. Luckily, there are some pretty easy ways to maintain weight loss to stay where you want to be. They won’t take a ton of time or effort and you’ll be so glad you made them part of your routine. Try them – you’ll see.

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Keep the Junk out of Your Kitchen

One of the most sure-fire ways to put all the weight back on is to start eating junk food again. If it’s there, the chances that you will eat it is much higher so keep it out of the house in the first place and the temptation is removed. There’s something about having to get in the car and drive to buy junk food that makes it a whole lot less appealing. So, one of the easy ways to maintain weight loss if is to keep healthy snacks around so you’ll always have a good thing to eat when you get hungry.


Get Rid of Your Fat Clothes

Not that you’ve slimmed down and gotten healthy, there’s no reason to hang on to the clothes from when you were heavier. Keeping them around makes it easier to creep upward because you’ll have something to wear. Give them to the Goodwill and putting the weight back on suddenly becomes more of an issue because you’ll have to shop for larger clothes.


Prepare for a Restaurant Meal by Looking at the Menu Online

Eating out is one of the many reasons why people have trouble keeping the weight off. Restaurant meals are often really high in fat and calories and dining out often is a recipe for weight gain. You don’t have to give up eating out, but you should do some research beforehand. Look at the menu online and make a healthy choice. Don’t even look at the menu when you get there – order what you chose and you’re set.


Stay on Top of the Number on the Scale

You don’t have to weigh yourself every single day anymore, but you should do a weigh in once a week or so. This will keep you on top of where you stand so that if the number goes up a bit, you can take quick action to stop the downslide before it starts. Weighing in keeps you honest and accountable to yourself for staying at your happy weight.


Watch Your Portion Sizes at Every Meal

Many people reach their happy weight, then go back to eating huge portions. Even eating large amounts of healthy foods can cause you to put weight back on. Make sure you stay on top of proper portion sizes, which helps you keep your weight down where you want it.


Skimping on Fiber is Never a Good Idea

Fiber is perfect for people watching their weight. Here’s why. It bulks up in your intestines and digests slowly, which means you feel full for longer periods of time. That means no reaching for Gummy Bears or Doritos between meals. Fresh fruits, veggies and whole grains are your best sources of fiber.


You Have to Exercise on a Regular Basis to Burn Calories

To stay at your happy weight, you must be active enough to burn the calories you eat over the course of a day. If you aren’t, the weight will start to pile back on. You should be getting at least 30 minutes of cardio each day. That includes things like jogging and biking. In addition, you should be strength training twice a week, which boosts lean muscle mass and speeds your metabolism.

Are you at your happy weight? What are you doing to stay there?

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The portion size is irrelevant, if you're taking part in a calorie controlled diet, then you can have as much or as little as you want, including carbs! WE NEED CARBS! Carbs are good!

How i will know that how much weight is ok for me?


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Excellent article! I am doing pretty much all of these.. I found it easier to lose weight than to maintain it.

one is definitely true

If I don't keep rubbish in the house, I have to make a food run to get it and sometimes I'd prefer to conserve gasoline.

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