7 of the Absolute Simplest Ways to Lose Weight for Girls Struggling to Begin ...

By Tara

7 of the Absolute Simplest Ways to Lose Weight for Girls Struggling to Begin ...

If you tell someone that in order to lose weight, they need to cut out all sweets, exercise for hours daily, prepare all meals and no longer dine out, they may say forget it. Why would they give up on their goal before even starting? Well, first off, it is too much work. No one wants to deprive themselves and change their lives completely. For most people, change in general is not easy and when it comes to eating, we are creatures of habit. So forget about the extreme and let’s make small, simple changes that add up to make a big difference. Start out with steps like these:

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Eat Healthier

food, fruit, produce, berry, plant, Begin your day with eggs and an apple, have a salad in the afternoon and some nuts as a snack, have your whole grains and lean protein for dinner and follow this up with a healthy snack. Make healthier food choices and the scale will thank you for it as you see the number go down!


Stop Late Night Snacking

food, dessert, snack food, sprinkles, doughnut, Late night grazing is not only killing your weight loss but also affecting your food. If you eat late at night, chances are you are not sleeping soundly. Your body has to go to work with your digestive system breaking down food. And you awake the next day, bloated and feeling regret from last night’s binge. So stop making the same daily mistakes and shut your kitchen down three hours before bedtime.



underpants, clothing, active undergarment, briefs, undergarment, Exercise daily for as long as you can, within reason. I recommend 45 minutes a day but if you are not quite there yet in your fitness level, build up to this duration. As you get stronger you will be able to exercise longer.


Cut out Fried Food

food, dish, wood, meal, cuisine, Eliminate fried food that could be hurting your stomach and stalling your weight loss. If you go cold turkey and cut this out of your diet, you will feel better about your choices and even begin to see greater results.


Stop Cooking Tempting Food

food, meal, dish, baking, produce, If you absolutely love eating chocolate chip cookies, why are you baking this several times a week? This is not only tempting on a diet, but there is minimal chance you are not taking a sample or two. For most dieters, simply having tempting food in their home is an invitation to fall off their healthy eating plan. So remove all temptation from your home to make it easier to choose healthily!

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Eliminate Processed Food

dish, food, hamburger, meal, brunch, Although processed food is way easier on you because this eliminates the time and energy you have to put into cooking, this can stop your weight loss. Processed food is hard on the body digestively and can cause weight gain along with a host of health issues. So begin preparing your own healthy food creations and the best part is, you know all the ingredients!


Use Your Legs for Transportation

clothing, undergarment, swimwear, lingerie, muscle, Stop jumping in the car every time you need to go to a local destination! You have two feet and if nothing impairs you, why not walk? By using your legs as transportation, you will help to save the earth, save on gas and save your life with both weight loss and health. So get moving!

So tell me, what easy ways to lose weight will you begin with? Remember that every step you take is one step closer to your goal!

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Good tips do these and lose weight in no time

Its all about calories in and calories out. To lose weight you have to burn more Than you take in. Instead of eating two big meals a day.. Eat more frequently with small portions. Eat alot of vegetables or fruit to every meal as they contain alot of fiber and will fill your Apetite faster and of course get up from the couch and use your legs!

Also helps if your not super stressed out too! Because even following these great tips weight can be hard to shed because of stress!

Thx u ❤️🍏

Excellent article

U r so right! I walk everywhere and I look like a hot chick and it is all because of walking. It really does wonders to your body not externally but internally too

Great post, Tara! These are things every girl can do...you'll be happier and healthier....but if the weight you need to lose is belly fat, gonna have to ramp it up...and don't get discouraged...a little belly fat on a healthy girl is sexy💜

I have been forever tried living on the 4S meal all day yet only lost three pounds in five months ! I am told not only stress but menapouse and water weigh plays a role too. Oh I am like so tempted to take diet pills for few months !!!

Sorry, should be ditch the fruit juice and have the whole fruit.

I use an app to count calories. I found that the right breakfast is very important and when the breakfast is bad i eat much more the rest of the day. Also i am not snacking anymore, because it is tooo much work ;) you dont have to believe in the calories in calories out idea, it's just a great Way to track your eatinghabits. It works for me (sorry for my english)