How to Lose Weight on a Budget for Girls Who Don't Want to Spend ...

By Alison

Does this logic sound familiar? "I'd lose weight if I could join a gym … but I can't afford the gym fees". If you really need to lose some weight, but you're on a budget, don't despair; there are plenty of ways to shift some pounds without signing up to an expensive gym membership. Try these easy ways - they're either free or cheap …

1 Outdoor Gyms

When did you last walk through your local park? Do you even know it's there? Well, there are some really great resources in parks called outdoor gyms. They offer free equipment for anyone to use; while there won't be the same expensive facilities that an indoor gym can offer, you can still get fit without spending a cent. Check out the website of the parks department in your area, like

2 Borrow a DVD from the Library

Since the fitness craze began back in the 1980s, every other celeb seems to have brought out a fitness tape. Look in your local library for fitness DVDs; naturally some are better than others, so do a little research on their credentials before you try one out. They'll either be free or can be borrowed for a low fee.

3 Find a Workout on YouTube

If you're reading this you've got access to YouTube, which is chock full of videos to help you get fit. The same advice goes for checking out how good the workout is and whether it's been devised by a properly trained instructor. The good thing about YouTube videos is that there are thousands to choose from, and you won't have to renew them like a library DVD.

4 Join a Gym off Peak

Because most people work the usual 9-5 timetable, gyms tend to be busy early in the morning, in the evening, or at weekends. If you're able to use a gym during normal working hours, you may be able to benefit from a cheaper 'off-peak' membership. Look for a gym who offers these discounts.

5 Workouts in the Home … and Using the Home

Your own home has a lot of things that you can use as free exercise equipment. For instance, step aerobics may not be as fashionable as they once were, but you can use your stairs for an exercise routine. You can even use a chair for exercises, or do pushups using the counter. Do be sure that anything you use is steady though, to avoid injury.

6 Buy a Few Pieces of Equipment

Even with a small budget you can still purchase a few simple pieces of exercise equipment. For example, a skipping rope and a fitness ball won't cost too much and can be used for a variety of workouts. Exercise bands are under $20. Use even a small budget wisely, and you can build a basic home gym.

7 Turn Household Items into Workout Equipment

It's surprising just how many things you've got lying around the house can be turned into exercise equipment. You may have seen the suggestion for using cans as weights - now see what else you can make use of! For example, you could fill empty detergent bottles with sand to make weights - and this workout ( uses a hand towel. Everybody's got one of those!

So don't let a lack of funds derail your fitness goals!

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