Life Hacks to Gain Less Weight This Halloween ...


You don't want to gain ten pounds just by eating Halloween candy. Even though you're going to be tempted with sweets around this time of year, Seventeen has tips that'll keep you healthy. If you want to keep your body fit while keeping your tummy happy, here are a few life hacks to follow:

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Healthier Trail Mix

Healthier Trail Mix If you have a bunch of random pieces of candy lying around, you should place them in a bowl. Just make sure to throw in a cup of nuts or seeds, and some whole grain cereal. Then you have your very own trail mix!


Healthier Candy Apples

Healthier Candy Apples Candy apples are incredibly unhealthy. That's why you should substitute the caramel for peanut butter. Then you can sprinkle on some nuts or chocolate tips.


Healthier Pumpkin Bread

Healthier Pumpkin Bread The next time you bake pumpkin bread, make sure to use whole wheat bread. All of that fiber will keep your stomach satisfied, so you won't binge on candy for the rest of the day.


Healthier Desserts

When you whip up cookies or any other snack for Halloween, you can swap an ingredient with Greek yogurt to make the dessert healthier. If you make cupcakes, use the yogurt instead of oil. If you're making cookies, mix the yogurt with your butter.


Healthier Noodles

Healthier Noodles If you're throwing a Halloween bash, buy some Shiritaki Tofu noodles. You can blindfold your guests and make them feel the food, as if it's skin or organs. If they eat some, then they'll be eating healthy, because those noodles are super low in calories.

You can't let Halloween pass by without trying these treats! What other healthy foods do you suggest eating around this time of year?

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Of course, you could always buck the system and not buy high calorie crap that doesn't do your waistline any good, and stop contributing to the obesity statistics! But then "that's no fun!" Is one of the most overworked excuses in history, isn't it? Get over it, grow up, and develop some self discipline!

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