How to Stick to Your Weight Loss Resolutions Once and for All ...


How to Stick to Your Weight Loss Resolutions Once and for All ...
How to Stick to Your Weight Loss Resolutions Once and for All ...

Succeeding in your weight loss goals requires a lot of determination. So many diets fail because they are unrealistic or ineffective, which leaves the dieter depressed and unhappy. It's important to go about it the right way; this is how you stick to your weight loss resolutions …

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Make Them Realistic

Make Them Realistic Start by making your weight loss goals realistic. If you want to lose 20 pounds in a month, you're setting yourself up for failure - and you'll probably feel awful as well. Aim to lose the weight slowly, and ensure that you eat a nutritious diet - you still need the right food to nourish your body.


Allow Yourself Indulgences

Allow Yourself Indulgences Diets that are devoid of anything fun are more likely to make you have cravings and fall off the wagon. So allow yourself a few indulgences as part of your diet plan; a small slice of cake or occasional glass of wine won't hurt. If you deny yourself entirely, you'll feel you're missing out. Then you'll binge on cakes and feel guilty, so you give up on your diet …


Choose a Sensible Weight Loss Plan

Choose a Sensible Weight Loss Plan Forget extreme diets and meal substitutes; these aren't a sensible way of dropping weight. You need to get the right nutrients. Work out a sensible weight loss plan that will give you enough calories to function properly. Extreme diets will make you lose weight fast, but you'll soon put it back on when you return to a normal diet.


Allow for Special Occasions

Allow for Special Occasions Because it takes a long time to lose weight, you may have occasions such as birthdays come up. Don't panic that it will wreck your diet; you don't have to abandon it altogether or sit glumly staring at a salad while everyone else indulges. Portion control is the key - enjoy a small dessert, and pass on calorific extras like sauces. You can also order two starters instead of starter + main.


Know Your Weakness …

Know Your Weakness … If you've tried to diet many times before and failed, what are the reasons? Is it because you always end up grabbing fast food, or eating too much dessert? Are you always snacking on unhealthy foods? If you know what your weakness is, you can work round it.


… and Work round It

… and Work round It If the problem is that you get fast food because you're too tired to cook after work, plan your meals. You can make quick meals like stir fries in no time at all. Or you could batch cook healthy meals and freeze portions for when you're too tired to cook. If you snack in the morning, make sure that you're eating a healthy breakfast to fill you up, and if you love dessert, make low-fat versions or eat a smaller amount.


Be Motivated - for the Right Reasons

Be Motivated - for the Right Reasons You really need to be motivated to achieve your weight loss goals - and want to do so for the right reasons. Wanting to get to a healthy weight is a good reason; trying to look like your favorite actress is not. Remembering why you want to lose weight will help you feel determined to stick to your goals.

Losing weight takes a lot of effort, but if it will help you be healthy then it's worth working on. But remember - never starve yourself or follow a fad diet.

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#s2 & 4 make perfect sense, but I feel that you need to give things up, especially in the beginning and especially if you want to lose 1-2 lbs per week.

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