The New Rules of Women's Weight Loss ...


The New Rules of Women's Weight Loss ...
The New Rules of Women's Weight Loss ...

Truth be told, women are usually a bit more concerned with their weight than men. Sadly, women have a harder time dropping excess weight than men do, which is why you need to approach it from a female standpoint. What works for your man might not work for you, in other words. Recent research at Tufts University has found out some new rules that you can use to shed those stubborn pounds. Get started today!

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Stop Counting Calories Once and for All

Red, Food, Sweetness, Still life photography, Table, Yes, it’s true that you need to burn more calories than you consume to lose weight, but instead of obsessively tracking every calorie you eat, experts suggest that you should focus on your portion sizes and choose a variety of foods from each food group. Doing that helps you keep calories in check, while also ensuring that you eat a well-balanced diet. Of course, tracking calories can help, but avoid getting compulsive about it or you could get in your own way.


Examine What Kinds of Protein You’re Eating

Food, Dish, Meal, Cuisine, Ingredient, It’s no secret that protein is an important part of your health. Not only does it support many functions in your body, but protein also gives you energy and helps support healthy muscles. However, some types are better than others. Your best bets are seafood, yogurt, chicken and nuts. These items are lower in calories than other protein foods and also contain a wide range of other important nutrients.


Stop Eating so Much Red Meat While You’re at It

Red meat, Food, Beef, Animal fat, Veal, Speaking of protein, you don’t want to get yours from red meat. The researchers at Tufts University found that women who ate red meat gained more weight than those who skipped it. This is also true for processed meats like sausage and hot dogs. Once in a while probably won’t hurt you, but forgo the red meat most of the time and you just might see the number on the scale going down.


Go Ahead and Have Some Dairy if You Want to

Food, Dairy, Cuisine, Dish, You’ve probably heard that dairy is a no-no when you want to lose weight. New research says that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, dairy foods weren’t found to have a significant effect on weight gain. Of course, you can’t eat a whole wheel of cheese and avoid piling on the pounds. However, having an ounce or two isn’t going to hurt you.


Get Rid of Bad Carbs to Make Way for the Good Ones

Orange, Turquoise, Hand, Food, Carbs are a vital source of energy and avoiding them altogether is a recipe for disaster. Your body needs carbs just to get through the day, but you have to choose good carbs. Experts at Tufts University say that you need to stay away from white bread, white pasta and white rice. These foods cause a spike in blood sugar and can lead to weight gain. Instead, choose only 100% whole grain breads, pastas, crackers and cereal.


Eat Good Carbs with Protein

Pineapple, Table, Dishware, Plate, Food, Now that you know what kinds of carbs and protein you should be eating, you can take things to the next level and combine them for a healthy weight. Experts say that doing this can help you lose weight without having to kill yourself counting calories.


While You’re Combining Carbs and Protein, Make Other Healthy Food Combos

Food, Breakfast, Blueberry, Dish, Meal, It’s important to mix your foods in such a way that you fuel your body, satisfy nutrient needs and keep your calorie intake under control. For example, if you’re going to indulge in a steak tonight, pair it with veggies instead of rice and you’re more likely to keep your weight loss results on track. Bottom line – have the treat food, but pair it with something healthy to reach your ultimate goals.


Eat More Low Glycemic Foods

Green, Button, Leaf, Eye, Wood, Foods that are not healthy are usually higher on the glycemic index and are the ones to avoid. Think refined grains, sugar and starches. When you eat these foods, you experience a spike in insulin, which encourages your body to hold on to fat. Foods lower on the glycemic index are naturally lower in calories, fat, sugar and salt, which can help you drop those pounds.


Take Stock of What You're Drinking

Water, Liquid, Pink, Drop, Sky, Many women make the mistake of not accounting for their liquid calories. If you forget to include your beverages in your daily calorie count, you could be taking in too many, which is definitely going to make it hard to lose weight. Water and unsweetened iced tea are great because they have little to no calories and zero fat. Use caution when you drink soda, energy drinks, cocktails, smoothies, juice and sports drinks. If you do decide to have one, be sure you balance the calories with what you eat for the rest of the day.


Eat More Often

Food, Cuisine, Finger food, Dish, Dessert, Yes, you read that right. But before you reach for that burrito, you have to do this the right way. Which means you can't just go wild and eat anything. The experts say that eating several small meals during the day helps keep your hunger satisfied so that you don't overeat between meals. Choose low-calorie and nutrient dense foods for each of your small meals. Eat every three hours or so and enjoy protein, complex carbs and healthy fats at each of them.

What’s your best weight loss secret? Are you excited to try any of these new rules for weight loss?

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@Claire: why not?

Don't forget about healthy fats! For satiety and nutrients!

@happygirl umm, no it isn't...

Water, water, water....the dieters secret weapon. Need to start doing more of that myself.

New healthier way of eating.

Gotta tries these out, I need to start eating different if I want to see my waist size get smaller!

Plant diets are great for everyone but it's a great path for a healthier lifestyle. Meat based proteins aren't the only way to go, you can get proteins from a lot of other different sources other than meats and fish. Not a huge fan of it myself but I applaud those who live that lifestyle!

I agree totally with no red meat. It's the leading cause of obesity and has been known to cause heart problems and cancer. I'm pesco pollo vegetarian, which isn't exactly a vegetarian, but not omnivore either. I eat foul and fish only but even keep those meats limited. I plan to go vegan after I move out (dad is huge omnivore and refuses otherwise). Good luck to all you lovelies!

Plant-based diet is an answer!

Finally, a diet plan that let's you eat food without obsessively tracking it!

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