These 7 Yoga Moves Will Actually Help You Lose Weight ...

By Eliza

These 7 Yoga Moves Will Actually Help You Lose Weight ...

You might not think of yoga as your top choice when it comes to losing weight, but it can actually do just that. When you perform the poses, you definitely burn calories, but you also build lean muscle mass. Lean muscle mass boosts metabolism, which helps you burn calories even when you aren’t working out. Need some yoga poses that will blast calories and get you to your goal weight? Add these to your routine today.

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Lose Weight and Burn Fat

Can you imagine how awesome it would be to lose weight and burn fat in just 20 minutes? You can do just that with this easy yoga video. The woman who leads you through the yoga poses is a professional and she makes it simple to master the moves so that you can reap the benefits while you’re on the mat.


Perfect for Beginners

New to yoga? This tutorial is the one for you. Not only do you get access to a routine that makes it easy to do yoga for weight loss, but you can get the whole thing done in just 8 minutes. What more could a girl ask for?


Only 4 Weeks to a Better Body

They say that it takes 4 weeks to notice a change in your body and this yoga routine proves it. In just a few short weeks, you’ll go through a routine with poses specially designed to help you shed some excess weight. The celebrity yoga expert that outlines the poses for you brings all her expertise to the tutorial and makes it easy for you to incorporate the moves into your workout for successful weight loss.


Get Rid of Your Belly Fat

Many women call their belly a trouble spot, but yoga has a wealth of moves that target the area and help tone and slim you while also burning fat and totally whittling your middle. Each of the four yoga poses contained in this easy to follow tutorial will help you get the midsection you’ve been dreaming about. And they’re super easy to do and will quickly become a regular part of your yoga routine.


Yoga for the Evening

Doing yoga in the evening can help you achieve your weight loss goals. This video shows you how. The short sequence is easy to follow and will have you wondering if you can really lose weight with this one. You have to commit and stick with the program, but it may just leave you rocking the body you’ve been craving all along.

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Try These 11 Poses for Weight Loss

This yoga routine is enjoyable and effective for weight loss. There are 11 poses in this video and each was specially chosen to help you burn calories and drop some weight. You get step by step directions for carrying out each pose and the video also provides you with some extra info and inspiration to help you reach your weight loss goals.


Yoga Asanas for Weight Loss

This video will probably become one of your favorites pretty quickly. It’s easy to follow and enjoyable to watch. The sequence in this tutorial is proven to help you get into shape and lose weight. What more could you ask for?

Which one of these videos are you planning to use for weight loss? What other weight loss tips can you share?

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@Thaiawatie Budhu actually yes this will help some with your high b/p Bc your controlling your breathing which will train your inner core to function better and easier. And as far as the vertigo, you might find yourself struggling more to balance

I absolutely love yoga! And it does help you with weight loss. I have not practiced in about 2-3 months but, I am going back to it. It made me feel good. Especially doing it at night. High intensity workouts keep me wired at night but when I have done yoga at night, and not only did it help me with weight loss, it relaxed me and made it easier for me to have a good night's sleep.

I'm gonna try yoga for the first time

I definitely going to try this..

Weight loss yoga with Adriene is my favourite

What happens if u have high blood pressure or suffer from vertigo, can u still do the surya namaskar pastures

That's cool

People think Yoga is an easy way to excersie. I'm living proof, it's a workout and a huge stress reliever!