The Most Surprising Weight Loss Advice You'll Ever Hear ...

You’ve probably heard it all before. Or so you think. Yes, counting calories and getting more exercise is sound weight loss advice that you need to hear so that you can drop some pounds and get to a healthy number. If you feel like you’ve tried it all and you still haven’t reached your goal, check out this new weight loss advice. If might just surprise you. Here’s to shedding the excess and feeling great about the way you look and feel.

1. Stop Putting All the Food on the Table to Control Your Calories

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If the food is there, the chances that you will eat it goes way up. Instead of laying out the spread on your kitchen table, leave the food on the stove or the counter. That way, you have to get up and go back for more. You’d be surprised at how this can deter you from eating a second helping. So stop the buffet and make yourself think twice before putting more food on your plate.

2. Fast Forward through the Television Advertisements

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Start DVRing all of your favorite shows and you have the power to skip the commercials. Not only can this save you a few minutes for something else that needs to be done, but you can also prevent yourself from getting super hungry with all the snack and soda ads. Nothing makes me want a Dr. Pepper more than seeing one, so just skipping those ads can be a powerful way to keep yourself from eating unhealthy stuff.

3. Finish Your Dessert with a Bit of Cold Turkey

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This tip comes courtesy of Health magazine. Somehow the taste of deli turkey isn’t that appealing with a brownie of slice of cake. At the same time, the turkey is low in fat and calories. So if you enjoy your moderate dessert, then nibble the turkey, you cut down on the chances that you’ll go for a second sweet treat. Who knew?

4. Try New Fruits and Veggies

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Tired of apples at lunchtime and carrot slices when snack time rolls around? It’s time to shake things up. Most fruits and veggies fit within a weight loss meal plan, so mix it up and try other things. Have a kiwi or banana for lunch and some celery with hummus or red bell peppers for a snack. The calories are the same and you get some healthy new flavors that will keep you on track.

5. Eat Some Veggie Soup before Your Meal

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Vegetable soup is generally low in fat and calories and can help you keep things in check when the main course comes. You’ll feel just full enough to satisfy your appetite with the fish or chicken, but you won’t overdo it so much that you take in more calories than you should. Plus, veggie soup just tastes good.

6. Stop Eating so Much of the Healthy Foods

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Sure, peanut butter, hummus and mango sorbet are great choices for a weight loss meal plan. However, they still contain calories so you have to eat them in moderation. Enjoy the small portion you deserve, then stop before you eat too much.

7. Watch Your Meat Intake

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Some experts recommend eating 20 percent meat and 80 percent plant foods. This allows you to indulge in a steak or chicken leg now and then without overdoing it on fat and calories. Meat is a great source of protein, but you don’t need huge portions of it to get the benefits. On the other hand, plant foods are loaded with nutrients are often lower in calories than meat.

What other off the wall tips for losing weight can you add to this list?

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