How to Tell if a Weight Loss Product is a Load of Bull ...

How many weight loss aids are there out there? And more pertinently, how many of them actually deliver what they claim? Losing weight is hard so it’s no surprise that we look for a helping hand, whether it be to suppress appetite, bind fat or replace a meal. They promise so much and it’s difficult to work your way through the blurb to understand the science behind the claims (if indeed any scientific explanation is offered.) I’m not going to claim this works for every product but here’s a general guide for how to tell if a weight loss product is unlikely to deliver its promises.

1. Celebrity Endorsement

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One of the key signs of weight loss products that promise much and deliver nothing is that they rely solely on the endorsement of a few celebrities. With no real testimonials to back them up, some products will pay well known figures to endorse them knowing that people can be swayed by that type of advertisement.

2. The Term ‘Washboard Abs’

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The term ‘washboard abs’ has become so silly nowadays that only useless products would even think about using it in their campaigns. Anything that promises you washboard abs in no time at all is not going to have much positive effect.

3. Time Guarantees

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Truly effective weight loss products only work when you put in an equal amount of work, so when a brand or product offers you guaranteed results in two weeks no matter what you do, then you know something is definitely not right.

4. Poor Quality Advertising

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If the TV ad is only shown late at night and looks like something out of a cheesy 70s movie, then the company clearly do not have much money to spend on their PR. And why don’t they have much money? Because everybody knows the product is garbage!

5. ‘Easy Payments’

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You should be wary of anything that allows you to pay in ‘easy installments’ over a period of time. These tactics are usually employed by brands that have a flashy advert and not much else, hoping to entice to phone in and buy straight away.

6. Claims of Toning

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You shouldn’t take notice of any product that promises to tone or chisel your body into that of a Greek god or goddess. Effective weight loss products help you to lose fat, that is it; the real toning work needs to be done by you at the gym.

7. Look out for Asterisks

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Always be on the lookout for asterisks in ads when a product seems too good to be true. If they are saying that 90% of people are ecstatic with the product, 9 times out of 10 you will look at the fine print and see that they only surveyed 6 people!

8. Be Wary of before and after Pics

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Most weight loss products will use a before and after shot of a person who has lost weight in the ad. Though it might look impressive, you need to remember that you don’t know what else that person might have been doing alongside sampling the product. It could even be that they tested it out and moved on to another product all together to achieve the bulk of their success.

9. Back Pages of Magazines

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As a general rule, you should treat most of the ads for different products that you see in the back of women’s magazines as a load of garbage. These products have specifically targeted a certain demographic of women who they think might fall for their ads; don’t be one of those women!

10. ‘an Easy Fix’

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Weight loss is hard; everybody in the world knows that. So why do so many different products proclaim that you can take their supplements and lose half of your body weight sitting on the couch? If it sounds too good to be true, then it definitely is.

There are many weight loss products that HELP you lose weight. They are credible and work with sound scientific principles, but they aren’t pills or potions that promise miracles. And NO weight loss product will work on its own. You still have to eat less and exercise more.

What weight loss products have you tried? Did it help?

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