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7 Reasons You Should Not Take Weight Loss Supplements ...

By Tara

As a personal trainer and health coach, I hope to help educate others to beware of unhealthy weight loss supplements. Most weight loss supplements do not help you lose weight and can affect your health negatively. Before you eat anything you should understand what you are putting in your body. Your body is a fine, beautiful and complex machine that craves healthy nutrition. Use healthy food to help you to lose weight rather than looking for a quick fix weight loss supplement. Here are the reasons you should not take weight loss supplements.

1 Weight Loss Supplements do Not Help You Lose Weight

Some weight loss pills and shakes have bogus claims to help your body to block fat absorption or block carbohydrates so that you can eat whatever you like and still lose weight. Sounds like a dream right? You may wonder if this is this possible. Absolutely not, but the companies sell these weight loss supplements so effectively that they could probably even make a chemist start to believe.

2 Beware of Lies

If you awake in the middle of the night restless and turn on the television, every channel you turn to seems to have a celebrity marketing a weight loss supplement. The marketing of these infomercials are done so well that you may find yourself with the phone in your hand ready to dial. But do not dial just yet. Did you know that weight loss supplements are not regulated? Beware of the lies in these infomercials. Most of these products will do no more than cost money; so save your hard earned cash and do it the old fashioned way by eating healthy and exercising!


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3 Research the Studies for Weight Loss Supplements

Every weight loss supplement has different clinical research that backs up a different belief, so which one should you believe? Well first of all you should know that most of the clinical research is actually done by the company that makes the product. Now how to you feel about the truth in this research? Obviously the company that creates a product will give rave research and results about their own product; this is what drives up sales.

4 Think before You Eat

Before you eat anything you should understand what you are about to ingest. Always read the ingredient list and have knowledge. Knowledge is power and this will help you to lose weight and even become more educated through the process.

5 Anything Good in Life Takes Work and Dedication

If there was a magic pill that helps us to lose weight and keep it off we would all be taking it. But there is no quick fix, so let healthy eating and exercise become part of your life. It will take hard work and dedication but it will be well worth it I promise! When you are staring at your hard earned results in the mirror you decide if it was worth it.

6 Value Your Life

In the United States weight loss products are not regulated so you become the guinea pig in a clinical trial when you try a weight loss product. Unlike other areas of the world, like Canada, where clinical trials are required, in the United States you can simply submit your weight loss supplement label as well as a description to the FDA and become approved and on the market. So value your life and make wise choices!

7 Make Lifelong Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Before you turn to weight loss supplements take a good look at where you are today in your food choices and fitness and make healthy changes. You can achieve your results by living a healthy life. How will you change your life to become healthier?

If you keep your diet clean and exercise this will be your magic pill that will change your life for the better. Have you ever tried any weight loss supplements and if so did you see any negative affects in your health?

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