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Do you think you have some of the bad diet habits that can affect your appearance? Our diet not only affects the way we feel but also the way we look, so it’s imperative that we make wise choices when it comes to food. The downside of trying to lose weight is that sometimes we make sacrifices with the impression that we are cutting calories and fat, but we’re actually depriving ourselves of nutrients. Check out some of these bad diet habits so you can avoid making these diet mistakes!

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Sugar We all know that eating sweets is one of the bad diet habits to avoid, but do you read labels to see exactly how much sugar you’re eating? Do you overdo dessert? Or maybe you eat a lot of the many so-called health foods like yogurt and protein bars that are high in sugar. Be cautious and always read your labels because sugar can weaken our skin, making it more vulnerable to lines and wrinkles.



Seafood If you like to eat seafood, it’s a smart way to get protein and omega-3s, but there are some things you should know before you stock up on fish! Although seafood is healthy and lean, it also contains a lot of iodine, which can lead to acne if consumed in excess. If you have acne-prone skin, dermatologist Dr. Neal Schultz suggests you eat seafood a couple of times a month and incorporate a variety of lean protein into your diet.



Salt Another common diet pitfall to avoid is consuming excess salt. “Diet-friendly” foods like frozen meals claim to be healthy and convenient but they’re packed with sodium! We all know that too much salt can result in bloating and water retention, but did you know it can also cause swelling around the eyes? Avoid the puffy look by eating low sodium foods and tracking your salt intake at all times!



Mercury We got a big scare about the mercury in fish awhile back, and while many doctors will say that true mercury poisoning is rare, it still warrants some concern. Eating certain types of fish, sushi rolls or sashimi too often can result in too much mercury in our bodies, which can lead to brittle hair and nails. You don’t have to nix all fish, just go easy on your fish intake with known levels of mercury. Check out this site for a detailed list: fishcooking.about.com.



Starch I love starchy foods but they’re a big diet mistake, not just because they cause weight gain but also the way it affects the way we look. Eating too many starchy foods in an attempt to avoid eating fatty foods can increase androgen levels, which can cause thinning hair or acne. Look for foods that are whole grains and low in glycemic index or GI, which your body digests slower, thereby leaving you feeling fuller longer!


Going Fat Free

Going Fat Free We used to believe in the diet mistake of eating little to no fat in order to lose weight or stay trim, but now we know better. Eating too much fat is no bueno, but our bodies need fat in order for the cells in our bodies to properly function. Choose healthy fats like fatty fish, unsaturated fats from plants or nuts to get your fat fix while still maintaining a healthy diet!


Eating Too Much of One Thing

Eating Too Much of One Thing Another one of the common diet mistakes we can make is consuming too much of one thing. We often get conflicting information about certain foods, so we might eat too much of one type of food thinking it’s safe. Healthy foods like nuts, avocados and olive oil are all healthy but they aren’t low in calories so it can still lead to weight gain. Remember to eat all things in moderation and you’ll be okay!

Did any of these diet pitfalls sound familiar to you? I’ve tried just about every diet in the book, so I’ve seen it all and done it all. Luckily, we now know the truth about fats, carbs and other nutrients and ingredients in food so we know how to eat well-rounded meals. Can you think of any other diet mistakes we commonly make?

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I always try for clean/whole foods...so I guess my health mantra is if I don't know/understand the ingredient there's no way my body is going to either.

So basically starve? :) -.-

So what the hell am I supposed to eat then? Lol

Fabulous as always Lisa! Love it!

These articles are getting rather ridiculous. We are human. Our bodies are designed to eat a lot of different kinds of food. All your articles on here are constantly contradicting other articles. Please just make up your mind. You are not helping women maintain a healthy diet by basically telling them the best way to eat is to eat to nothing!

Our bodies are in fact not designed to eat alot of foods. The more pure and clean foods we can eat the better for us in every way

Sugar so sure!

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