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7 Important Reasons You Should Never Skip Breakfast ...

By Tara

Want to understand the reasons you should never skip breakfast? If you are running out the door each day unfueled because you were not hungry or didn’t have time, you can be hurting yourself. Eating breakfast breaks the all night fast of sleep and starts your day the right way. Eating breakfast also starts your metabolism strong for the day. Fad diets come and go but eating breakfast has been lifelong advice; your parents and grandparents probably warned you of its importance. So what should you eat for breakfast and when should you eat it? I am here as your certified trainer to share the reasons you should never skip breakfast.

1 Have More Energy

To stabilize your blood glucose level and have more energy, start your day the right way with some eggs. This will provide you with lean protein for a powerful day! And starting your day with protein will curb your appetite so you make healthier choices for the day. Having more energy is one of my top reasons you should never skip breakfast.

2 Be More Alert

There is a reason many low income schools provide breakfast free of charge to all students. It's because breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day. To have your brain function efficiently, breakfast is literally essential! Stop rushing through this important meal and take time to feed your cells. You are worth it!


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3 Aids Weight Loss

Numerous studies have proven that eating breakfast aids weight loss. Help avoid a sluggish metabolism by starting your day with eggs or oatmeal. I actually fluctuate 3-4 pounds if I miss breakfast so I make this ultra-important meal the focus at the start of each and every day!

4 Lower Your Risk of Diabetes

Regular breakfast eaters have a lower risk of diabetes because they start the day by regulating their blood sugar level. They also have a lowered risk of obesity, which helps lower the risk of diabetes. So what did you eat for breakfast today? Please do not say you skipped this meal. If so, make this minor change and start making breakfast a priority!

5 Decreased Risk of Heart Attack

Studies show that by providing adequate nutrition and energy first thing in the morning, you will decrease your risk of a heart attack. Keep your heart healthy and strong and have a lean breakfast each day!

6 Lower Risk of Having High Blood Pressure

Eating a healthy breakfast can lower your blood pressure, which will reduce your risk of a stroke and improve your overall health! In a recent study by the American Chemical Society, eating egg whites regularly can be just as effective in lowering high blood pressure as medication. So start your day with some eggs!

7 Feeling Great and Not Being Moody

Aside from bettering your health, skipping breakfast can cause irritability and mood swings. Skipping breakfast can affect our behavior and mood. Food is your fuel so if you skip a meal, you will suffer from your lack of energy! Just eating breakfast is an instant mood booster.

Start making the most important meal of the day a priority and make sure you break the fast by eating breakfast! Eating the right breakfast can make your day better by giving you the fuel you need. Do you eat breakfast each day? If so, what do you eat for breakfast?

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