7 Unhealthy Weight Loss Products You Should Definitely Avoid ...


There are countless unhealthy weight loss products on the market that many consumers are led to believe actually work. Unfortunately most of these products are unhealthy and can actually slow down your metabolism. There is no quick fix or magic pill. The answer to results lies in healthy eating and exercise. So avoid these unhealthy weight loss products.

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Diet Pills

There are so many diet pills and supplement products on the market that it can be hard not to wonder if any of these unhealthy weight loss products might actually work. These products do not work and often can destroy your metabolism. When something seems too good to be true, it probably is, and there is no magic pill to weight loss. Adopt a healthy lifestyle, eating a balanced diet and exercising, and you will see lifelong results in your health and your waist line!


Diet Bars

Diet bars are said to have natural weight products but some have as much sugar and saturated fat as a candy bar. These diet bars are processed food that people purchase because they are easy to carry. Have a banana as a snack instead and you will do much more positive, nutritionally providing your body with plenty of potassium!


Weight Loss Smoothie

There are many claims that smoothies and juicing can aid weight loss but it all depends on what the ingredients are. If you are making a smoothie with lots of fruits and no vegetables this can be too sugar laden. Add in vegetables to increase the nutritional content and rev your metabolism. I prefer to eat a green smoothie that has spinach, strawberries and blueberries in it! Do not have any specialized drinks that claim to aid weight loss because this is usually processed and unhealthy. Create your own power packed smoothie!



Laxatives are not a solution to weight loss, and in fact they are very unhealthy. By taking laxatives, some people do not realize that they are also robbing the body of essential nutrients and calories, affecting their natural fat absorption, and upsetting their electrolyte levels. This can cause dehydration and even hospitalization. So make sure you lose weight the healthy way, through healthy eating and exercising!


Weight Loss Chews

Can you believe there is chewy candy on the market that claim to suppress your appetite? The sad truth is that many dieters actually fall for this. Do not be tricked. Weight loss chews are nothing but glorified candy sold under false claims. Eat healthy and get fit to lose weight, and you will feel great as a result!



If all the stars are doing it, so it must work right? Cleanses are popular in Hollywood but that does not make them healthy. A quick fix always sounds good but that does not mean you should do it. Most cleanses are simply restricting your body and you lose weight as a result. Most of the weight that you lose is water weight and muscle, which will not lower your body fat. Stick to a clean diet of greens, leans meats and beans to lower your body fat! And make sure you get your workout in to tone your body!


Chewing Gum

A few small studies have shown that chewing gum can help you suppress your appetite and lower your daily calorie intake. But this will not lead to a large weight loss unless you also follow a reduced-calorie diet and exercise regularly. Candidates on The Biggest Loser saw great results by chewing gum to lower their hunger pangs. But beware for sugar free gum that contains malitol, which will cause a laxative effect with stomach cramping and bloating!

Now that you are aware of the unhealthy weight loss products that really do not work, how will you transform your life into a healthier one? Do you currently live a healthy lifestyle? If yes, how often do you exercise?

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What about products like detonate?

Malitor or Maltitor?

Anything that is marked as diet slim ft free and such girls.

Don't be lazy!! Exercise and eat healthy!! And drink a sh$tload of water!!!

What about plexus slim?

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