Fab Weight Loss ⚖️ Tips You Need 💯 to Try in 2019 ...

Every year you make new fitness and health goals. Last year you tried the low carb diet, paleo diet, and even some crazy grapefruit plan; all in hopes to achieve your goal. But all resulted in nothing that actually helped. This year is all about new goals. Some are related to the latest and greatest diet trends, while others are just about trying something new. And these changes can also help you to break a plateau while switching out of your current routine. So either way you are totally winning. So for 2019, try these weight loss tips to help you to smash your goal!

1. Break up Your Workouts

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Exercise does not have to be one 1 hour session each day. In fact, some people actually benefit more when they break up their workouts. Two thirty minute sessions can do more good for your body than one session in terms of boosting your metabolism. So break up your fitness sessions and do it double time to see how this affects your body and helps you achieve greater results!

2. Start Your Day with Protein

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Start your day on the right note by fueling your body with protein and not just any protein. Choose lean protein such as an egg or whey protein shake to help you to curb your appetite and boost your metabolism. The right meal to start the day can literally make your day!

3. Have 1 Brazil Nut a Day

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If your metabolism has been kind of sluggish, you just may need to switch up your plan or better yet add 1 brazil nut per day. Brazil nuts are said to help fight a lethargic, sluggish metabolic rate. In face brazil nuts can help women with slow thyroids and reverse this but only if there is a slight problem. It is worth a shot, right?

4. Do Not Be Afraid to Eat

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So many people are afraid to eat more in fear of gaining weight, when not eating enough is causing a slow, sleepy metabolism. Wake up your metabolic rate by making it work and choose to eat mini meals throughout the day.

5. Add Hiit Workout Three Times a Week

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Add a high intensity interval workout several days a week to rev your metabolic rate, increase the calorie burn and push your body to achieve more. This fitness session can help you break a weight loss plateau and really feel muscle fatigue the next day. No pain, no gain; right?

6. Move More Throughout the Day

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Becoming fit is not just about an hour or two 30 minute workout sessions per day; it is about moving more through the day. So take the stairs, walk to your workouts, get moving in your home and give up your spot on the couch for a spot on the stairs. Every little bit counts!

7. Get to Bed Earlier

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Becoming fit is about exercise, healthy eating and also adequate sleep. In fact sleeping adequately can help you to recover quicker, have more energy and increase metabolic functioning. So get to sleep nice and early and your body will thank you with superb results!

Try all these weight loss tips to help you to lose weight, better your health and better your life! Happy health and a happy 2019 to you!

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