These Tasty Foods Will Help You Lose Weight Throughout Current Year ...

By Teresa

These Tasty Foods Will Help You Lose Weight Throughout Current Year ...

For a lot of people, they want to eat healthier, but they don’t know which foods are and aren’t very good for weight loss. Sure, all fruits and vegetables are healthy, but some foods help weight loss better than others. That’s where I come in. I’ve researched foods that will aid you in weight loss more than any other food, and these are the best foods I found. If you’re looking to lose weight this year, start with this list. Plus, all of these foods actually taste good, which will make this so much easier for you! It might not feel like an easy switch at first, but trust me, in a matter of days you’ll be addicted to these new foods and you won’t even think of those gross, fatty foods you were eating before!

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1 Edamame


Edamame is my favorite food to eat for lunch! It’s packed with protein and other great nutrients, but the salty taste makes it feel like you’re eating a chip! The nutrient-dense food is great to eat as a snack or for a meal! It’s sold frozen, ready to be steamed in most grocery stores!

2 Kale


If you’re someone who is addicted to salty food, chips, and other savory snacks, kale is the perfect weight loss food for you. You can eat it raw or in a salad, but my favorite way to eat it is as kale chips. It’s the perfect alternative to salty chips! You bake them with some Parmesan cheese and salt and you’ll never want to eat chips again!

3 Eggs


If you’re someone who wants to increase their protein intake but you don’t want to spend the rest of your life making chicken and other meat all of the time, eggs are a quick and easy way to get your protein. You can make them in so many different ways to eat it that you won’t get sick of them quickly!

4 Broth-Based Soup

Broth-Based Soup

Broth-based soup is such a great way to stay warm and filled up during the winter! Soup is great, but when it’s cream-based it’s really not good for you. Broth-based soup is a great alternative to those fattening creamy soups that we all usually reach for during the winter!

5 Avocado


Instead of butter, go with avocados instead. They spread like butter, have the creamy taste of butter, and taste delicious! However, it doesn’t have nearly the amount of negative health effects like butter does!

6 Grapefruit


Grapefruit is definitely one of the best fruits to eat for weight loss. It metabolizes sugar in your body into energy rather than fat, which makes it a great fruit to eat when you’re trying to burn fat! If you’re looking for a fruit to eat to lose weight, grapefruit is a great one to eat!

7 Lean Beef

Lean Beef

If you want to eat meat but don’t know which is best for weight loss, lean beef is definitely up there on the list! It’s so delicious, and you’ll know that you’re putting good nutrients into your body!

8 Greek Yogurt

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With twice the protein of regular yogurt, you'll stay fuller longer as well as burn more calories when you eat it because it takes more energy to digest.

9 Apples

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A small apple has less than 100 calories and about 4g of fiber. Not to mention is extremely versatile because it can go in salads, you can dip in a nut butter, or chop up in yogurt. It's a sweet treat to help kick those sugar cravings too!

10 Chocolate Milk

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For those times you don't want to sacrifice your diet but are craving a sweet treat, a glass of 2 percent milk with a little chocolate syrup in it will give you the sweetness you desire and help you pack in the protein that'll kick your appetite to the curb!

What’s your favorite food on this list? Have you ever tried any of these foods? Are you going to try any of these foods the next time that you’re trying to lose weight? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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I don't know as I tried to save but they don't save for me I wold love to know cause I love them all and get some great tips on this page 👍😍

Kale is so good for u!

@rad-dizzle, I'm going to shop from your list. You have antioxidants and good colon cleansing foods. Thank you

Oh I got it --- you go back to start and press your finger on it and it gives you 5 Options --Save to Favoutites and press it so there you have it 👌👍😊

I eat all of these except the beef

The burger with avocado nice

Does kale normally look like that ? It looks off to me ❕

How do you get to this list later on

That's a great list of good food I love them all -- bar beef ...yukk not good for you atoll -- not a beef lover 👎

Nice list, but I disagree with beef. It is not healthy for your body nor does it help you lose weight, regardless of low "lean" it is.

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