Here's How to Avoid Life's Biggest Fat Traps ...


Here's How to Avoid Life's Biggest Fat Traps ...
Here's How to Avoid Life's Biggest Fat Traps ...

As you work towards your weight loss goals you will have ups, downs and standstills; all which you must overcome in order to reach your goal. It will not be easy but it will be worth it in the long run when you overcome obstacles which I like to call life’s biggest fat trips. Mindless eating at the computer, diet traps that can negatively affect your metabolism and emotional eating are just a few of the diet traps that can have your weight loss at a standstill and derail you from your goal. Before you throw in the towel and give up, check out just how you can avoid life’s biggest fat traps and come out ahead in becoming lean, strong and in your best shape!

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Mindless Eating

Sitting in from of the television or computer and noshing on some crackers can totally lead you astray from eating healthy. This is called mindless eating because you are in a trance probably not even aware in just how much you are eating. And the calories rack up fairly quickly causing you to fall into one of the biggest fat traps. So make a rule of no eating while on media. This will help you to avoid this big fat trap and stay on course to lose weight, rather than fall off a cliff!


Diet Traps

The Paleo diet, south beach and whatever latest diet trend can completely wreak havoc on your metabolic rate. So stop putting your body on this roller coaster of ups and downs. Learn to just eat everything in moderation and exhibit portion control. This will help you to avoid this fat trap and reach your goals without applying a diet as a temporary fix.


Emotional Eating

Your latest breakup, work drama and everyday stress is causing you to eat more than your body needs and the scale is beginning to reflect this. So combat this emotional eating by writing down every time you want to eat when your body really does not need it, think about it and decide in 15 minutes if you really need that sandwich, especially if you just finished eating a short while ago!


Lacking Motivation

Feeling down in the dumps and lacking the motivation to get up and get your workout in. Get in the fitness groove by simply thinking of the results that you can achieve. All it will take is for you to get up and get moving. So stop overthinking and just do it! This will help you to strike out this major fat trap!


At a Party

Mini pizzas, nachos, chips, and an endless array of desserts cause your diet to be demolished, at least for today when you are at the party. This is not only showing you have no willpower but also causing you to possibly fall off your plan. So bring a veggie tray to the party and you will delight the host while you help yourself in the process. And do not fall prey to this major fat trap!


Out to Eat, You Clean Your Plate

As a child you picked up many habits, some good and some very bad. One of which was to always clean your plate because some less fortunate did not have this food. As a result you always clean your plate, even when dining out and larger food portions are served. So before you fall into this fat trap, when you dine out, divide your meal in half and ask for a take away box immediately. Pack it away before you get tempted to clean your plate due to bad habits!


Sleep Deprivation

Lack of sleep is often just because you keep getting caught up with late night projects. And this lack of sleep is beginning to take a toll on your life. So get to bed earlier so you can avoid falling into a large fat trap. Lack of sleep can cause your body to secrete the hormone cortisol which can cause you to gain weight. So go ahead and catch some Zzzzzs!

So kick those fat traps to the curb and reach your goals. Stop wishing for your dreams and start chasing them!

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Sweets are my downfall, I'm a sugar addict!

I dont agree to 6 .. It wud be a better idea to learn to say no to larger portions before they are served

True @ Mayuri but I don't do diets so 😕.

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