How to Lose Weight by Eating like a Man ...


How to Lose Weight by Eating like a Man ...
How to Lose Weight by Eating like a Man ...

Do you ever notice the men that seem to lose weight barely trying. They eat what they want, when they want and still lose weight. These same men enjoy eat bite with overindulging and never stress over each calorie. And when stress becomes out of control studies show that the majority of men do not turn to food and stress eat. They enjoy food and food is not the enemy as it often is for most women. So take a page from the book of the opposite gender and follow these tips on how you can lose weight by eating like a man!

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Start Your Day with Protein

Start your day with lean protein to help you to boost your metabolism, aid in muscle recover and also help you to make more mindful food choices throughout the day. Most men eat more protein because this is what their body requires so follow in their example and up your protein to start the day! This choice will help to curb your appetite today!


Eat Throughout the Day

Stop worrying about skipping meals eating less and starving yourself to your next meal. Follow the opposite gender in eating throughout the day. Every notice your guy seems to be eating every hour? Most men eat mini meals throughout the day and this will boost your metabolic rate. So eat small healthy meals and your metabolic rate will thank you as you begin to burn more calories through the day!


Never Overindulge

Have you ever started to eat chocolate and felt like you could not stop? Almost like your appetite is on overdrive when it comes to sweets? Watch your male as he eats portion controlled and does not overindulge. He is happy with a small slice of pie and does not need multiple portions to make him satisfied. It is no wonder he is a lean, mean fighting machine! Now it is your turn to follow in his lead.


Do Not Eat Because of Emotions

We all have the time when stress gets a hold of us and as a result we find ourselves turning to food for comfort. But check out your partner as he stays in control of his life and never lets emotions control his appetite. If you look at food for nourishment and never mindlessly eat, you will not only lean down but you will learn just how to control your impulses!


Stop Stressing over Every Calorie

Each and every calorie is stressing you out because you feel like this is preventing you from losing weight. If you stress over these calories you find yourself hungrier. Stop the stress and start enjoying your meals. Meal time just be a time to relax to eat for your health. You probably never heard your man complaining of all the calories in a meal. Why? Because they usually do not count calories. So follow in their lead.


Enjoy Each Bite

Enjoy each and every bite as you slow down eating. People that eat quicker tend to eat more because they lose count of just how much they are eating. So take a deep breath and slow down. Enjoy food because this food will help your muscles recover from a workout, nourish your body and the right food will even boost your immunity!


Do Not Eat Diet Foods

Diet food is often filled with chemicals and artificial sweeteners. As a result, you may even find yourself hungrier after consuming a diet meal. So go for the food that you really want rather than the ugly step sister version of food. Seriously, think about how men just eat what they want and usually diet food is the last thing they are going for. Now follow this non diet approach and lean down barely trying!

So eat like a man, be the woman they you always wanted to be and add plenty of activity so you slim down and shape up. And live the life you deserve with lipstick, heels and your lean lovely waistline!

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Hangry *

This would NEVER WORK for me, my man eats A LOT! I already eat a lot and I can't lose the weight because of it! But when I cut my food intake in half even if it's healthy I get "hantry" af!! 😞

My man can smash a whole cheesecake! There is no portion control for him lol he stay skinny though the little sh*#!!

Eat in moderation. Check with your doctor. Be sensible. Crash diets do more harm than good long term.

since when is there a way to "eat like a man"? I eat what I want, it's not gender specific...

Not necessarily! If a woman starts eating like a man then prepare xxxl size clothing .. Simply the metabolism of a woman is totally different from that of men! Furthermore, the hormonal makeup if men an women is completely different.. While bearing in mind that the hormones play a huge part in the body mass .. So be careful ladies or you will end up like elephants 🚫

@BrittanyBaker actually you could be missing the point!

Dont eat like a man because we r not men!

My man ate like a man and now he's on a diet!

I think everybody is missing the point.. I get it. My husband eats what he wants, when he wants and it's always well portioned and usually always something good for him. I stress eat sweets and try to skip meals. I get what she's saying.

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