Tiny Weight Loss Tips to Get You into the Best Shape Ever ...


Tiny Weight Loss Tips to Get You into the Best Shape Ever ...
Tiny Weight Loss Tips to Get You into the Best Shape Ever ...

Often when people have weight loss goals they think it has to be dramatic and as a result they cut out food groups and make major changes. And because these major changes are so drastic this becomes something they cannot stick with. It is unrealistic and before long they are back to their high calorie eating ways. So before you go on another yo-yo diet, let me share my weight loss tips. As a trainer and nutritionist for hundreds of lives, I am here to help you. With my little known weight loss tips you can change the future of your health and the number on the scale!

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Avoid Ingredients with Numbers

eating, food, meal, lunch, brunch, When the ingredient list on packaged food includes numbers, do not purchase it. Ingredients that include numbers as part of their names usually represent a convenience food that is processed. It is difficult to lose weight if you are eating processed foods. Processed foods have higher sugar, carbohydrates and other hidden ingredients!


Don’t Let Your Salad Be Lonely

dish, food, cuisine, meal, asian food, If you are eating your salad greens and veggies without anything else, you are probably finding yourself feeling hungry and unsatisfied. You are also missing out on protein, a key ingredient in weight loss. So add some nuts, chicken or salmon and even beans to add protein and boost your metabolism. Never eat a lonely salad again!


Get to Bed Earlier

hair, human hair color, face, person, black hair, A key component to weight loss is adequate sleep. If you are not sleeping enough your body will secrete stress hormones that can cause weight gain and you will increase weight gain rate of up to 73%. So aim for 7-9 hours of sleep and your body will thank you because you will feel and look better!


Exercise Earlier

clothing, blue, girl, beauty, muscle, To lose weight and see great results, get an early start on the right foot with a workout. The best time for an aerobic workout is before breakfast. This is when your insulin level should be its lowest, and therefore the energy for the workout has to come from burning fat. Whenever insulin levels are elevated which is nearly most of the rest of the day given how frequently Americans eat, it is much more difficult for fat stores to be used for energy.


Just do Not Go OverBoard

Just do Not Go OverBoard Life in moderation is the key to eating and exercise for weight loss so do not overdo it. 45 minutes to one hour a day is ample for effective weight loss results. You can even break up your workout into two stages if you like. If you exercise more than this your body can become stressed and secrete the hormone, cortisol. Cortisol can cause weight gain and have you not feeling your best so easy does it!


Do Not Be a Fit Couch Potato

Do Not Be a Fit Couch Potato If you just exercise for an hour a day but sit for the remainder of the day because of work or relaxation, you can be damaging your heart and your health. Studies show sitting all day can be as adverse on your health as regularly smoking. So get up, take walk breaks every hour and get moving. You will lose weight and better your health as a result of your active choices!


Move Your Body to Great Results

clothing, human positions, sitting, leg, muscle, Bike to work, run on your lunch break and just move more. You can expedite weight loss by tricking your body’s fat preservation methods by simply moving more! Override your body by simple activity like taking the stairs and even parking further away from your destinations. Get moving and you will see great results in no time!


Create a Food Journal

dish, food, meal, cuisine, supper, By counting your calories or tracking what you eat by writing it down, you're more likely to be mindful of what your consuming which will end the mindless snacking. You'll also become more aware of what you're eating which can help lead to changes in how healthy (or unhealthy) you're currently eating.


Use a Pedometer

finger, bracelet, fashion accessory, jewellery, arm, The technology of today is wonderful for fitness. You have Fitbits that do all sorts of tracking, as well as smart scales, smart phones with apps, and even just your basic pedometer that clips on. Research shows people who use one of these take an average of nearly 2,500 steps more a day than people who don't. This translates into an extra mile of walking or 100+ calories depending. That could be a pound a week if you're burning 1,000 extra calories!


Pack Your Own Lunch

dish, meal, food, lunch, breakfast, By not running out on your lunch break to the nearest fast food joint or work cafeteria, you're not only saving money but also calories. You can perfectly portion your food and avoid the empty calories that fast food contains. It's a win-win on many levels and you'll be grateful you made the switch.

With so many ways to lose weight and change your life; are you ready to make a change? Here’s to you and a great future of results!

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Excellent advice!! And don't forget to hydrate!

I lost 10 pounds by using half of these tips. Thanks gurl!

What do you mean ingredients with numbers

They would have Chemicals in them if they had numbers

this saves you heaps off money

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