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These Weight Loss Tips Actually Work ...

By Tara

Fad diets do not work and can have you gaining weight, experiencing limited progression or you may drop a bunch of weight and then regain it. Sometimes you need to go back to the basics and adjust your life to just become healthier. Live life in moderation, ditch the carbs after 8pm, choose a healthy lean breakfast, perform double workouts and make changes for the betterment of your life - today, tomorrow and in the future. So take a step forward and check out the weight plans that actually work:

1 Moderation

ModerationEat portion controlled meals throughout the day to boost your metabolic rate and feel better! You will no longer have mood swings or even feel hungry. You will just feel better. Like my grandpa always said, the healthiest way to live is in moderation and as a nutritionist and trainer I totally agree!

2 No Carbs after 8pm

No Carbs after 8pmStop grazing with late night snacks that are causing you to gain weight. Shut the kitchen down at eight o’clock to prevent inflammation in the body. You will also wake up leaner and lighter the next day!

3 Protein for Breakfast

Protein for BreakfastCurb your appetite and boost your metabolism by starting your day with lean protein. I usually have scrambled eggs with veggies to get my day started the right way. Make sure you fuel first thing with protein and you will feel better, recover from your prior workouts, and feel less hungry throughout the day!

4 Mini Meals Throughout the Day

Mini Meals Throughout the DayIf you eat regularly on a schedule you will become a fat burning machine within a matter of weeks. You will also never get to the point of deep hunger or irritability. But make sure you eat small healthy meal made from fruits, veggies and whole grains!

5 Double Workouts

Double WorkoutsSeveral days a week, to lose weight, tone and boost your energy, plan a double workout. I usually exercise in the morning and then again in the afternoon or early evening. This is a great way to squeeze in more exercise, burn more calories and boost your weight loss results! You get out what you put in so give it all you got!

6 Water Plan

Water PlanStop skimping on water and sip H2O throughout the day. You will notice a difference in a matter of days in the extra moisture in your skin and less cramping and this also aids the digestive process. This will help you to lose weight and even have loads more energy since dehydration is exhausting!

7 360 Change

360 ChangeExercise more frequently, stop eating processed foods, choose healthier meals and create your own healthy menu on a daily basis. This 360 plan will help you achieve amazing results! So transform your life for the better and be ready to make a change.

8 Never Get Hungry

food, dish, meal, breakfast, produce,This goes along with the grazing all day, but it's essentially saying that if you allow yourself to get hungry, you'll automatically overeat. Therefore, stash away fruit at work, have mini meals, increase water, whatever you need to do to ensure you're eating the right stuff at the right time.

9 Red Orange and Green

meal, play, lunch, dish, food,Make sure at each meal something on your plate is any of these colors. You're guaranteed to increase produce intake AND not have much room for all the yucky other stuff. Plus, these colored veggies are great for the skin.

10 The Mindful Diet Plan

beauty, design, pattern, 54s,This says that if you take 10 minutes to eat a dessert, you're more likely to be satisfied with less. Portion it out first, then look at it, smell it, and think about it. Take a small bite and chew slowly, really allowing the flavor to soak in your mouth. If you're satisfied after that-good job you saved the calories! If not, take another bite and slowly chew. Repeat till gone or satisfied. If you're more mindful of your food you'll eat less of it.

So make modifications in your life for the better of your health and fitness and be ready for positive change!

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