Easy Ways to Burn Tons of Calories on the Daily ...


Easy Ways to Burn Tons of Calories on the Daily ...
Easy Ways to Burn Tons of Calories on the Daily ...

If you want to burn a bunch of calories in one day all you have to do is make a conscious effort. It does not have to be by doing anything drastic but small changes that add up. You can start the day on the right foot with a workout, park farther away at your destinations, only use the stairs, and you can even bond with a friend while working out. And if you want to stay on track through the day, track your daily activity with a wireless wearable fitness tracker. Get moving and burn mega calories as a result. Are you ready to lose weight and get in your best shape?

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Start Your Day with a Workout

Start Your Day with a Workout Start your day strong and get in your best shape by getting your fit on. If you want to boost your metabolism, start your day with a 30 min to one hour workout session. To make the most out of every fitness moment add intense bursts of high heart rate surges through sprints, jump squats or whatever leaves you challenged. By bumping it to the next level you will increase your calorie burn both during and even after your fitness session.


Park Farther Away at All Destinations

Park Farther Away at All Destinations Instead of driving around looking for the closest parking spot, use the possible calorie burning time and park further away. The further you park away, the more short segments of activity you will get. Every little bit adds up to make a big difference.


Take the Stairs

Take the Stairs At every opportunity that I get I take the stairs. You will never see me on an elevator unless I have my children in a stroller and have no choice. Why? Because every fitness moment makes a big difference. And to lose weight you have to make a conscious effort. So get moving and take the stairs.


Meet up with a Friend to Workout

Meet up with a Friend to Workout Multitask and meet a friend for a workout. There is no greater bond than bonding through a workout. You will both benefit by bettering your health and waistlines and you will have a blast. I find that whenever I run with a friend, the time seems to fly by. So get your body moving with a buddy!


Use a Wireless Fitness Tracker

Use a Wireless Fitness Tracker There is an endless array of wireless wearable devices to track every move and this will help you to stay motivated throughout the day. Devices like the fitbit, Garmin and Jawbone can help you to be mindful to keep moving through the day. And the best part about these devices is you will see instant feedback by viewing your activity level throughout the day!


Eat Mini Healthy Meals Throughout the Day

Eat Mini Healthy Meals Throughout the Day If you want to burn mega calories eat small mini meals spread throughout the day. Eat like a preschooler by grazing rather than gorging with six mini meals. You will boost your metabolism by choosing to do so and you'll never feel hungry again. You are totally winning and slimming down as a result of these choices!


Get to Bed Earlier

Get to Bed Earlier Get to bed nice and early so you can ensure your body will function at its’ best and as a result you will even burn more calories. To have your best workouts adequate sleep is essential so get to bed sleepy head. Get plenty of shut eye, exercise and eat healthy and your body will thank you by performing like a fat burning machine.


Take up a Sport

human action, person, structure, active undergarment, room, Remember the good old days of being so super active and playing every sport as a kid? Get back to those days and find one you enjoy and stick with it. Taking up a sport is a great way to have fun, meet new people, and burn tons of calories in the process.


Drink More Water

hair, clothing, girl, lady, beauty, This one is on every diet and weight loss list for good reason. Studies have shown that drinking 17 ounces of cold water within 10 minutes will boost your metabolism for about 30 minutes. This jump equals about 17,000 calories a year burned for doing nothing. That doesn't take into account the fact water will fill you up and save you from snacking which saves calories too!



white, clothing, black, lady, footwear, Studies have shown people who have a hard time sitting still during the day burn about 350 more calories a day than people who sit still. Even if it's as simple as crossing and uncrossing your legs more frequently or stretching, you'll be burning more calories.

So if you are ready to take the steps to increasing your activity, move more and sit less, you can lose weight and get in your best shape. Every fitness moment adds up to make a big difference so are you ready to make a change in your life today?

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