Push through Your Weight Loss Plateau with These Fab Tips ...


Push through Your Weight Loss Plateau with These Fab Tips ...
Push through Your Weight Loss Plateau with These Fab Tips ...

There’s nothing more frustrating than chugging along on your weight loss program, then getting stuck on a plateau. When your weight loss efforts stall, it can be easy to give it up and forget the whole thing. However, that can lead to putting the weight back on. Nothing will be more satisfying than reaching your weight loss goals so use these tips to break through that plateau and get back on track. Adding these ideas to your routine should help you see that number on the scale going back down in no time at all.

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Try Intermittent Fasting to Boost Results

Intermittent fasting is the idea that you eat normally on some days, then cut way back on the calories on other days. The idea is that you can create a calorie deficit for weight loss without feeling totally deprived. Experts suggest scaling back to 1,000 calories twice a week and then eat your normal 1,500 to 1,800 calories on the other days of the week. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you get back on track.


Try Writing It All down

As you lose weight, your body’s need for calories goes down too. That means you’ve got to cut back a bit as your weight drops. Get a journal and record what you’re eating every day. This should help you figure out where you can cut back and save yourself some calories. Plus, keeping a food journal helps you stay accountable. After all, no one wants to write down that they ate an entire bag of Doritos.


Weigh and Measure Your Food at Every Meal

Many people experience a weight creep as they work toward their goal. Again, this could be because your new smaller body needs fewer calories. At this point it makes total sense to weigh and measure everything you eat so you can keep your portion sizes in check so you aren’t getting more calories than you need. Use measuring cups, spoons and a kitchen scale to get the job done.


Give Your Workout Routine a Makeover

Cutting calories is one way to drop weight, but you have to stay active too. Add some strength training to your routine. This will help increase your lean muscle mass, which boosts metabolism, helping you burn more calories. You also want to include a healthy amount of cardio to burn calories. Add just a few reps or an extra 10 minutes to your workout and you should be back on track before you know it.


Put More Fruits and Vegetables on Your Plate

You might wonder how eating more will lead to weight loss. The trick is to eat more fruits and veggies and less of the other stuff. Produce is full of fiber, which helps suppress your appetite and it’s low in calories, something that is ideal for successful weight loss. Cut back on refined grains and replace them with fruits and vegetables and you’ll see the results you want.


Eat More Protein

You definitely want more fruits and vegetables on your plate, but you don’t want to sacrifice your protein. Protein gives your body energy and helps you feel full. Get rid of bad carbs and replace them with produce and protein foods and you’ll be good to go. Lean meats, beans, eggs and fish are optimal protein choices.


Maybe Your Current Weight is the Right One

If you’re really close to your goal, but your body isn’t cooperating, it might be because you are at your body’s healthy weight. Getting too small presents its own set of health risks so talk to your doctor about what a realistic weight is for you. You might already be there!

Which of these ideas do you think you’ll try? What other advice can you share?

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It is really a piece of cake hahaha


I weight recently about 166 I want to lose weight for next year I'm not happy with my body I need help !!

I'm currently doing intermittent fasting & i already dropped 2 pounds in a week

The intermittent fasting to 1000 twice a week does help, as does adding extra 10-15 mins of excercise in form of cardio. Plus more protein like chicken breast or turkey. I have done this and have lost an extra 2-4 lbs per week.

Consistency is key. Make small changes little by little. Don't try too much at one time

Eat clean and exercise dirty

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