10 Foods You Need in Your Diet to Shed Pounds ...


10 Foods You Need in Your Diet to Shed Pounds ...
10 Foods You Need in Your Diet to Shed Pounds ...

Do you still have that stubborn few pounds lingering? Chances are you might already be at your healthy weight. Talk to your doctor to determine where the number on the scale should be. If you’re still determined to lose that last five pounds, a few tweaks to your meal plan can really help. Now that you’re smaller, you may need fewer calories so cut back just a little bit. Also, try adding these foods to your diet, each of which contains fiber and other nutrients to help you slash those last few pounds.

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Season Your Meals with Parsley

dish, meal, food, produce, vegetable, Parsley is super easy to find and really affordable, not to mention its great earthy, fresh flavor. There’s really no reason not to be using the stuff. Not only is parsley really low in calories, but it also adds tons of taste to even the blandest diet food. On top of that, it contains antioxidants that research has linked to the blockage of fat cell formation. Try parsley on cooked chicken, pasta or a tossed salad.


Have Some Quinoa on the Side Tonight

produce, food, dish, vegetable, meal, Quinoa is one of those superfoods you keep hearing about. It’s a grain and it has loads of fiber, which helps you control your appetite, helping you shed the last (or the first) five pounds. In addition, quinoa has plenty of other nutrients you need to stay fit and healthy. Experts say that quinoa is an excellent choice for anyone fighting obesity those stubborn remaining pounds.


Nibble on Pistachios at Snack Time

food, produce, baked goods, meal, dish, Nuts are always a wonderful choice when snack time rolls around. They contain healthy fats that your body needs to stay healthy. Research shows that the monounsaturated fats found in pistachios can actually help you lose inches from around your middle. Isn’t that something many of us want?


How about Some Greek Yogurt Today?

meal, dish, food, breakfast, produce, Greek yogurt is much higher in protein than the other varieties, which makes it a fantastic choice when you’re trying to drop some weight. In addition, it contains probiotics, which play a role in a healthy gut, promoting good digestion and helping you stay slim and trim. Research shows that Greek yogurt might also help you lower your BMI.


You Might Want to Try Some Rhubarb

food, produce, meal, dish, plant, I’m not talking about in pie, here. However, rhubarb is a food that contains plenty of potassium, which helps keep bloating at bay. It also contains plant compounds that can boost your metabolism. You don’t want to eat rhubarb plain, but it tastes great roasted with meat or simmered into a healthy compote for your oatmeal.


Serve up Some Grilled Chicken Today

dish, meal, food, produce, vegetable, White meat chicken is loaded with protein, which satisfies appetite and gives you energy. It’s also low in fat and calories so you can fill up without overdoing it. Your best bet is to grill or bake your chicken, but use whatever herbs and spices you want to give it the flavor you crave. There are tons and tons of ways to prepare chicken so don’t get stuck in a rut by eating it the same way all the time.


Grapes Are Your New Best Friend

lunch, meal, food, dish, produce, Grapes are sweet, which allows you to enjoy them when a craving hits without worrying about all the fat and calories in traditional sugary treats. Grapes are a great choice for fiber, but they also contain compounds that have been shown to fight the formation of fat cells in your body. Red or green grapes fit the bill just right.


Whip up Some Eggs for Breakfast

dish, food, meal, breakfast, egg, Eggs are an awesome food to eat if you're looking to shed those last few pounds. High in protein and low in calories, eggs will have you feeling fuller for longer which will help you resist the urge to snack keeping your daily calorie intake in check.


Salmon is Best

food, dish, grilling, meat, cuisine, Another food that's filling while still being low in calories is salmon. Full of omega-3s that reduce inflammation and other nutrients-such as iodine- that keep your metabolism running smoothly, salmon and other oily fish are your best bet for dropping a few pounds.


Chili PePper on Everything

food, chili pepper, red, produce, vegetable, Okay, maybe not EVERYTHING.... But spicy foods have been known to boost fat burning and metabolism! It's also known to reduce appetite. So kick up the heat on your plate if you're looking to lose weight.

Which of these foods do you love? What other tips can you add for dropping five pounds?

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Love the rhubarb suggestion - I had a delicious strawberry and rhubarb crumble the other day which I now choose to believe is healthy.

I love everything

I liked this

Great tips. I had great experience with parsley too. I read a study though, saying that greek yoghurt and chicken are actually not good for you. Especially in the long run. You can look both up om nutritionfacts.org

I love it

Those tips are great!! I think that choice healthy food isn't science we know what kind of food should to eat..!! :D

Love it

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