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Push Your Limits for Bigger and Faster Weight Loss ...

By Tara

If you want to lose big in a faster way, it is time to push your limits. You cannot stroll through life and expect to reap big rewards. You have to push yourself to something greater and this is especially the case when it comes to great fitness results. So rise and shine early for a great workout, break up some workouts in stages and be up for a new challenge. Part of the zest in life is pushing yourself to a level you did not even realize you could accomplish. So let’s amaze ourselves and others by pushing our limits starting now!

1 Rise and Shine

clothing, vacation, human positions, sitting, sun tanning,Early to bed and early to rise should be your habit to make time for a great workout and start your day in the best possible way. Morning exercisers have loads more energy, are more positive than their non-active counterparts, and are more likely to meet and smash goals. So get up out of bed sleepy head!

2 Break It up in Stages

sea, vacation, ocean, water, blue,Exercise in the early morning and then squeeze in another session at night because breaking up your workout can help rev your metabolism. Slim down, awaken your senses and feel way better because you squeezed in another workout.


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3 Sign up for a Challenge

clothing, person, physical fitness, human action, active undergarment,Have you always wanted to run a 5k, do a mud run or any other fitness challenge? Well what are you waiting for? Push your limits and sign up for a challenge. Within a matter of weeks you will be glad you did from the motivation to train alone. This is a great way to help you get on the right track to achieving great results!

4 Invest in a Goal Outfit

footwear, @YOLAFORTHEWN,Always wanted to wear a smaller size or a skimpier bikini? Well, instead of wanting and waiting, step up to the plate and just do it. Purchase a goal outfit that can motivate you to work harder each day. Hang this outfit up somewhere visible in your room to remind you to get up every day and give it all you got!

5 Set a Strict Schedule

clothing, person, black hair, lady,Set up a strict fitness schedule and stick to it to help you to lose weight and achieve all your goals. This schedule should be looked as something you stick with no matter what curve balls life throws at you. If you get in this focus you will lose weight because of your dedication to great health!

6 Revamp Your Eating

dish, produce, food, meal, vegetable,Changing eating patterns which is seriously one of the hardest things for most people to do but sticking with it is definitely very rewarding. Making healthier eating choices can speed up your results and help you to guarantee that you keep these incredible results for good. All you have to do is to transform your eating to the healthy body that you want. And I promise the results will be way worth it!

7 Share Your Motivation with Friends and Family

person, human action, physical exercise, sports, TITLE,Spread the news of your fitness and health to help motivate those you love. When you share your news you may even find fitness buddies to meet up for your workouts. And you will pay it forward by helping friends and family to enrich their lives!

8 Stash Away FrUit

leisure, human positions, sitting, vacation, leg,No, I don't mean hide it. Haha I mean store some in your desk for those afternoons you're tempted to hit the vending machine. An apple will give you the pick-me-up energy you need and fill you up before dinner.

9 Portion Control

dish, food, meal, breakfast, cuisine,You don't need to measure out every bite you take, but small steps such as swapping an entreé for an appetizer or laying off the bread if you're having pasta can make big changes in your weight loss.

10 Protein Shakes

blue, food, produce,Cant control or resist those sugar cravings? No problem! Swap the candy bar for a chocolate protein shake. Filling without the guilt and nutritious!

So push yourself past your limits to lose weight, achieve results and live a truly amazing, healthy life! Just believe and work your butt off!

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