7 Simple Tricks to Avoid Overnight Weight Gain for Girls Who like to Eat ...


7 Simple Tricks to Avoid Overnight Weight Gain for Girls Who like to Eat ...
7 Simple Tricks to Avoid Overnight Weight Gain for Girls Who like to Eat ...

If you like to eat, you may find yourself grazing late at night, noshing throughout the day and food seems to tempt you wherever you go. And then the next day you see the damaging aftermath as you step on the scale. But if you follow my simple tricks on how to avoid overnight weight gain, I will help you to stay slim while still enjoying good food. And take this advice from me as a nutritionist, lover of good eating and your certified trainer - I know the ropes because I live it!

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Have Plenty of Lemon Water🍋

Drink plenty of lemon water throughout the day as this will help to eliminate bloating and help you to wake up the next day slim with a smile! Make sure you drink continually rather than waiting until you are thirsty. If you wait until you are thirsty, it is likely you waited too long and could be dehydrated!


No Carbs after 7🕖

Not easy to do because you may find yourself craving carbs at night. But cut out carbs after 7 and your body will thank you with slimming results. Having carbs late at night can easily contribute to weight gain because all the food that is not used as energy is stored as fat. So you make the choice!


Protein Shake at Night🍌

If you are craving food late at night and you just feel uncontrollably famished, listen to your body. Make a protein shake to cut your food cravings and this will also help you to avoid waking up feeling starving the next day!


Mini Meals Throughout the Day🍜

Mini meals throughout the day will help you to avoid feeling hungry late at night. For girls who like to eat, this will help to keep your energy high, boost your metabolism and help you to avoid vast mood swings. So feel your best with mini meals!


Double Workout🏋🏊

Exercise early and then again at night to keep weight at bay, help you to slim down and kickstart your results. I find that double workouts have me feeling amazing and the next day waking up feeling slim and in super shape!


Avoid Processed Food🍔

Processed food is laden with unknown ingredients that put a toll on your body and can contribute to weight gain. So avoid processed foods and only eat what you create. There is a world of healthy recipes if you are ready to create them. So become your own healthy chef starting today!


Get to Bed Earlier🛌

Hit the sack earlier to better your health, help your body perform its best and simply to feel better. 7-9 hours of sleep per night is the ideal amount your body should be getting. Are you making the cut? This is the one area I completely struggle in but I will tell you on the nights I do sleep adequately I feel so much better! Inadequate sleep contributes to weight gain so this is another reason to get to bed earlier!

So are you ready to follow my tricks so you can avoid weight gain, slim down and feel your best? Well, then get on the right track to super success, you deserve to love a healthy and happy life!

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I loved your tips , hopefully they work out for me in my new journey of trying to eat healthy and lose weight .

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