Ways to Lose Weight Right after Thanksgiving for Girls Who Enjoyed the Feast ...


Ways to Lose Weight Right after Thanksgiving for Girls Who Enjoyed the Feast ...
Ways to Lose Weight Right after Thanksgiving for Girls Who Enjoyed the Feast ...

With all the side dishes, heavy sauces, pies and many desserts, Thanksgiving dinner can tip the scale with over 3000 calories. And although all the high fat meals may taste great, you may think twice the next day. This heavenly feast will not feel so majestic when you awake the next day in a food coma feeling stuffed like a turkey. And the scale will suddenly not be your friend. Before you throw in the towel and bust out the leftovers, pick your head up and follow these ways to lose weight right after Thanksgiving. It is okay to have fun with a feast as long as you get up the next day to get right back on track to your healthy lifestyle!

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Cardio is Key

Lace up your running sneakers and get out your workout gear for a super sweaty cardio workout. Perform 30 minutes of high intensity exercise or even a challenging run. Push yourself as you raise your heart rate and increase the blood flow through your body. Work off the feast from the day before and if you feel up to it, go for longer!


Drink up

Fill up a jug of water and drink up for your health. Plenty of water will aid your digestion to speed your metabolic rate. Add a splash of citrus fruit so you help your water to become a natural diuretic for your body. And watch the water weight drop in no time!


Walk It out

All the steps you take will add up to make a big difference on the scale. All-day lethargy from eating a Thanksgiving feast can leave you feeling lazy and overweight. But do not let one day sabotage your efforts. Walk it out to burn calories and feel your best! It is as easy as putting one foot in front of the other.


Pump Some Iron

Grab your free weights and perform exercises to target your arms and bump up your metabolism. Thanksgiving curls eating cider donuts are far from exercise so grab your weights and get to it. It is time for you to work those calories off and reclaim your body!


Toss out the Carbs

Leftovers of sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes leave you longing for extra carbs when you do not need it. Toss out the carbohydrate leftovers and just keep the turkey for a lean protein, carb free lunch. If you feel bored, chop this up and lay it across a fresh green salad!


See the Number You Are up against

Sometimes the best way to lose weight and get back on track is simply to face the music. Weighing in on the scale is the way to face the music and face your fears. A four pound weight gain can easily be absolved with a few days of fierce fitness and clean eating. So use the number on the scale to motivate you to move!


Eliminate All Sweets

Holding on to pumpkin pie, cider donuts and countless other sweets is like a smoker quitting smoking with a house full of cigarettes. Remove this unhealthy vice from your home and toss it in the trash. If you want to work off the calories from your Thanksgiving feast, you need to begin eating healthier today!

So tell me what is your favorite way to work off the feast? I like to start the day with a 5 mile run for Turkey Day, what about you?

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