Foods to Eat Daily if You Want Help with Your Weight Loss ...


Foods to Eat Daily if You Want Help with Your Weight Loss ...
Foods to Eat Daily if You Want Help with Your Weight Loss ...

There are countless fad diets that tell us to eat certain foods in excess to lose weight. But since these are simply fad diets we eat the supposed food in excess until we are tired of it and then go back to our old habits. But there are healthy foods that you can eat daily to help you to lose weight, curb your appetite and even boost your health. You do not have to feel deprived when eating these foods either. Check out the foods that should be on the top of your shopping list and consumed on the daily to aid your weight loss goals!

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produce, food, dish, plant, meal, Loaded with pectin to boost your metabolism and both soluble and insoluble fiber to aid digestion, an apple a day is a healthy weight loss snack. This is something I consume every day for this very reason. It is healthy and supports weight loss goals. And one more thing - it can boost your immunity helping you to ward off sickness!



dish, produce, food, meal, plant, For lean, clean and power-packed protein, eggs are most certainly the way to go. Eggs can boost your metabolic rate and help you to feel fuller for longer. That is why this protein source is usually found on the top of every weight loss seeker’s list.


Salad 🍅

dish, food, meal, produce, vegetable, Romaine, kale, and any other leafy green has plenty of fiber and phytonutrients to help your body perform effectively. You can eat plenty of salad without having to worry about excess calorie consumption. And you will have loads more energy to help you conquer your workouts to lose weight. So enjoy a healthy salad every day!



food, dish, produce, vegetable, meal, Almonds, walnuts and pretty much every other nut can help you to satisfy your snacking with protein. Nuts are great to add to any salad or in a baggie for on the road. Just stick to one handful of nuts per day because of their higher calorie value. And snack away with a nutty smile!


Protein Shake🥛

food, drink, dish, meal, milkshake, Part of my day for several years, a protein shake is a great fuel to have after your workout. This will help to aid in muscle recovery, boost metabolism and get calories in quick before you choose the unhealthy food you might crave after a workout. Get in a habit of having a shake post workout and very quickly it will become part of your healthy lifestyle!


Veggies🌽 🍠

dish, meal, food, produce, bento, Veggie stir fry, veggie soup or even just fresh veggies to nosh on are all things you should be eating on the daily for both health and also weight loss. I enjoy squash, broccoli and many other veggies frequently because they not only taste good but support health goals. So think outside of the box and enjoy your veggies today!


Complex Carbs🍚

spaghetti, food, produce, dish, cuisine, Many weight loss seekers assume they have to swear off carbs to lose weight but the great news is that is so not the case. Complex carbs will support your goals, give you fuel for your workouts and aid your digestive tract. So enjoy brown rice, quinoa and other complex carbs on the daily!



dish, food, cuisine, meal, carrot, Salon is a great diet friendly food. Loaded with protein, omega 3 fatty acids, and other beneficial nutrients, salmon plays a major role in reducing inflammation. It also keeps your thyroid and metabolism running in tip top shape helping you stay in your best shape!


Lean Beef/Chicken🐓

dish, food, salad, caesar salad, produce, Meat catches a bad rap when it comes to diets, but lean red meat is actually beneficial! Meat and chicken contain high amounts of protein which can actually help your body burn extra calories. Protein also curbs appetite so you stop late night snacking, reduces what you actually eat during meals, and fills you up.


Boiled Potatoes 🥔

food, dish, produce, meat, vegetable, The forgotten veggie of the diet world. High in potassium as well as other essential nutrients, boiled white potatoes will actually curb your appetite more than other foods studied for the Satiety Index. Don't like regular potatoes? Sweet potatoes and other root veggies are also a great choice.

So make sure you enjoy these healthy things each and every day so to lose weight, better your health and live the beautiful life you deserve. You can be anything but it all starts with a healthy, happy you!

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I haven't tried protein shakes before but aren't they processed foods? You'd benefit more from organic foods, right? Or is it more for people who are more active than others

I make a protein shake everyday before I go to the gym. Definitely helps me resist those cravings

I use a whey protein powder with 30 grams of protein. Add flax seed, avocado and spinach. Under 300 calories, and keeps you satisfied for hours.

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