How to Kickstart an Exercise Regime for Girls Who Are Overweight ...


How to Kickstart an Exercise Regime for Girls Who Are Overweight ...
How to Kickstart an Exercise Regime for Girls Who Are Overweight ...

Being overweight is not just about a high number on the scale but also the effect on your health and well being. Losing weight can help you to lower your risk of disease and also feel so much better. But even though you know these things, getting the motivation to start a weight loss regime and get exercising is hard. Really hard. But if you're reading this you know that - right? You want to make changes, you want to shed your extra weight. You just need a little extra push and some advice as to how to get started on working out. So here it comes. You have been unhappy long enough and now's the time to kick start your weight loss journey. Are you ready for the challenge?

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Just Move

To get started, ease into exercise by starting with walking. Walking is an effective way to burn calories without the pounding on your joints. And since you have been overweight for some time, this is a great way to start a regime. Simply moving more will help you to lose weight and begin to feel better.


Ignore That Elevator and Take the Long Way

There are so many ways to work out, some of which are literally in front of you. Start out by making small changes like no longer taking the elevator at the office. Use your beautiful legs to walk to your destination. You will get your blood flowing and be on your way to a new healthier lifestyle! Your lifestyle may be to park closer to your destination because you are always in a rush. Allow extra time and park further away. This is a simple and super effective way to move more and help kick those unwanted pounds for good. Every step you take will be one step closer to your goal!


Stand at Work

Stop sitting for countless hours of your work day writing emails. Stand at work when you are on your conference calls or even writing emails. And visit your coworker to discuss something work related rather than using your computer for communication. These are easy ways to add activity to your day!


Stand at Home

Do not become a coach potato. When you get home, stand up to do laundry, walk around as you talk on the phone. And make sure you keep your activity level up. To be successful and lose the weight you have been harboring you have to move!


Start Working out Regularly

Don't rush into workouts and exercises that are difficult. Ignore anything that claims to shed pounds in minutes. You need to ease yourself into a regime that you can cope with and stick to. As you get fitter and stronger you can start to build the intensity and difficulty of your workouts. A personal trainer, the gym or even an app can help you with deciding which exercises you should be doing at this early stage.


A New Lifestyle

It is going to take time to find fitness you enjoy so be patient and stick with the program. Every 30 days try a new workout to break the boredom and help you lose weight. You are adopting a new lifestyle with better health and more control. You are in the driver’s seat so keep going strong and enjoy the journey. Losing weight and feeling better will have you in a far better place than where you were before.



Your after work trip for a snack is now replaced by the after work workout because you have created new habits. You may find yourself craving different foods because you are a healthier and happier soul. Try new foods and new recipes. Have fun with your healthy food. There are so many fabulously delicious dishes you can try.

Being fit and losing weight will change you for the better because you will feel like you are living life! So kick those pounds to the curb for good with a regular fitness schedule, healthy daily meals and a positive attitude ready to make changes for a lifetime. Kick starting your weight loss is all about you being ready for a lifetime of better. You deserve to live a healthier lifestyle. It is time for you!

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