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Here's the Difference between Weight Loss and Fat Loss ...

By Tara

Most people do not understand the difference between losing weight and losing fat. In fact if you were to survey people in what they want to lose, the majority would probably answer that their goal was to lose weight rather than fat. However, losing weight will not only slow down your metabolism but also cause you to lose muscle. So you really want to lose fat because this will not affect your muscle and will boost your metabolic rate, rather than hinder it. So ladies let me share with you the difference in lowering your body fat composition instead of just losing weight.

1 Not Just about the Number on the Scale

hair, clothing, person, black hair, photography,If you just focus on the number on the scale, you are missing out on the profound world of muscle tone. The number on the scale will not show you your body composition because this is simply your weight. So have a trainer or specialist measure your muscle to fat ratio, then make changes in your life to lower this and you will lose pure fat which will literally transform your body. Are you ready for the challenge?

2 Look at Your Muscle Tone

clothing, leisure, swimming pool, human positions, vacation,When you wave does your arm wave back at you? If you answered yes, your arm lacks the muscle tone from having a lower body fat composition. You need to combat this immediately. If you want to see profound results then integrate resistance training into your workouts. Fat loss will help you to look and feel way better than weight loss ever would.


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3 How Your Clothes Fit

clothing, lingerie, undergarment, underpants, black hair,If your clothes fit funny as you notice you now have a muffin top, you may want to cut out the muffins and hit the gym. Do not focus on cardio alone because strength training is key to transforming your body and losing fat pronto. Ignite your fat loss and lift weights for results that will be awe-inspiring!

4 All Calories Are Not Created Equal

local food, marketplace, public space, market, city,Do not just focus on calories alone because all calories are definitely not created equal. You cannot compare the calories in an apple to a pack of cookies even if they are the same. Nutritionally they are in a different category. If you want to lose fat, your diet needs to reflect this and you need to make healthy choices that nourish your body!

5 Are You Pumping Iron

person, human action, physical fitness, arm, sports,If you are not lifting weights you are not going to see the results of fat loss. Cardio will just help you to lose weight but with the pounds you will shed, you will also lose muscle. As a result your metabolism will slow down. Supercharge your metabolic rate by pumping iron and experience amazing body changes in a matter of weeks!

6 Increase Your Protein

food, dish, meal, produce, asian food,As you lift more you will want to increase your protein to help the muscle you are breaking down. Since protein is the building block of cells, it is essential to increase your protein as you lift weights. So get on track pronto by cleaning up your diet!

7 Are You Drinking Enough Water

clothing, human positions, sitting, hairstyle, spring,Sometimes the initial drop in weight on the scale is nothing more than mere water weight. So to differentiate between fat loss and weight loss, drink lemon water and get rid of the bloat. Limit your sodium and then focus on lifting weights, doing your cardio and getting in your best shape.

So ladies focus on losing fat, toning up and getting in your best shape. And please do not let the number on the scale stress you. Because lifting weights will help to blast away fat and give you the extraordinary results you have been dreaming of!

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