10 beyond Easy Ways to Lose Some Weight ...


10 beyond Easy Ways to Lose Some Weight ...
10 beyond Easy Ways to Lose Some Weight ...

So you made a goal to lose weight and now you are ready to get to it and lose mega pounds? Okay, well good for you. Let’s make a transformation starting today. Often when people begin a fitness program they feel it is all or nothing and exemptions become the norm. But the extreme nature of cutting everything out usually backfires leaving the weight loss goal setter deprived and defeated. So forget about the 360 plan and check out the so simple ways to lose weight and better your health in the process!

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Cut out the Refined Sugar

Cut out the Refined Sugar Who doesn’t like the occasional treat of ice cream and sugary snacks? This will not help you on your weight loss plan. And if you want to lose weight you need to get the refined sugar out of the house and replace it with the natural sugars found in fruit. Give it 30 days and you will forget about the refined sugar and say hello to a whole new healthier, leaner life!


Track Your Fitness and Move More

Track Your Fitness and Move More Invest in a fitness tracker, like the Fitbit and choose to move more on a daily basis. The Fitbit HR will monitor your heart rate to ensure you are pushing yourself enough in your workout and the calories you burn will reflect this effort. So feel the burn, see the results on your fitness tracker and you will lose weight in a simple, effective way!


Set Daily Goals

Set Daily Goals Set daily goals with healthy eating and exercise to help you to stay on track. Think of your healthy lunch before lunchtime and envision just how good it will taste. If you get in this positive mentality you will lose weight and see sensational results.


Challenge a Few Friends

Challenge a Few Friends Challenge a few friends to lose weight with you and if they too have a fitness tracker like Fitbit, add them as friends. Then you can push one another on a daily basis and keep the motivation going together! It is always fun to challenge others and give yourself an extra motivation boost in the process!


Make Regular Fitness Plans

Make Regular Fitness Plans To stay on track and lose weight easily, make fitness plans on a regular basis. If you have a running date on the schedule it will help you to stick to a commitment. And signing up for a weekly exercise will have the same motivation affect. Make plans and stick to it to see super results!


Eat More Salads

Eat More Salads One of the biggest fails with weight loss is those that look at all they have to give up to lose rather than looking at all they can have. Start adding more salads with variations of ingredients and win big! You will not only feel better but also slim down in the process. And then you are totally winning!


Eliminate or Reduce Dining out

food, fruit, produce, strawberry, plant, Sure dining out may make your kitchen cleaner, make you not to have to worry about clean up and generally, make life easier but it is tough to eat healthy when dining out. Due to the lack of control you have on what is added you may find yourself at weight loss stall if you dine out on a regular basis. So start creating your own healthy meals and skip the dining out pitfalls. You will lose weight and actually find satisfaction in the healthy meals you can make!


Write down Every Bite

font, advertising, brand, calligraphy, Studies show that people who keep a food journal wind up losing two times more weight than those who don't. This is because you're paying closer attention to what you eat and when you write things down you become more aware of your food choices.


Always Eat Breakfast

cup, dish, food, dessert, breakfast, Breakfast is essential in keeping your weight loss goals on track. You don't end up binging later on because of hunger, you make smarter food choices throughout the day, and it gives your metabolism an added boost so that you burn more calories during the day.


Up Your Water Intake

clothing, image, lady, leg, thigh, Water is crucial to any weight loss plans or goals. It keeps you hydrated which helps you decipher if you're hungry or really just thirsty. It has zero calories which means that you aren't gaining weight drinking it, and it helps flush your system of toxins and excess bloat. While it sounds counterproductive, the more water you drink truly does make you less bloated.

With all these so simple ways to lose weight, hurry and get on track to lose weight and get in your best shape!

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Hi , can I get some tips to reduce belly fat please

Thanks ❤️

Journaling my food always leads me to more obsessive behaviors so I usually try to avoid writing calories but instead recording my macros and food nutrition levels to make sure I’m meeting that goal instead of trying to stay below a restriction.

Great tips ☺️👍🏽

Umm can we get more tips?

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