7 Ways to Eat Your Fave Summer Treats While Still Losing Weight ...


7 Ways to Eat Your Fave Summer Treats While Still Losing Weight ...
7 Ways to Eat Your Fave Summer Treats While Still Losing Weight ...

When you think of losing weight, usually the first thing that comes to your mind is deprivation, diet changes and non-stop fitness. You think you have to change everything and give up all the foods you love to actually see results, right? And since summer is approaching you think what a bummer to miss out on all your fave summer treats. But don’t stress because with modifications, portion control and smart eating, you can still enjoy all your favorite summer treats while still slimming down!

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Portion Control

Portion Control Your daily visit to the ice cream shop does not necessarily have to stop just for you to lose weight, because with proper portion control you can enjoy in moderation. There is the small, medium, large and oh yeah, the kid’s size. The kid’s version of ice cream is no more than a few teaspoons and as a result will not impact your weight loss. So enjoy in moderation!


Enjoy Summer Veggies

Enjoy Summer Veggies Summer squash, basil, cucumbers, tomatoes and the endless array of summer veggies will not only help you to slim down but you will also better your health. So make sure you include all these veggies in your summer eating plan. You can chop those mentioned and even make a fresh summer salad!


Fruit Salad

Watermelon, cantaloupe, nectarines, peaches, blueberries and the countless other fruits for summer can certainly fulfill any sweet tooth, that is for sure! Make a fruit salad to keep in your refrigerator so when hunger strikes you are ready to go. You can still lose weight, provide your body with healthy antioxidant-filled fruit that can fight off cancer and you will feel great!


Make Summer Smoothies

Make Summer Smoothies Craving a sweet treat that will never disappoint? Then make a summer smoothie with all the summer veggies and fruits you love. Add a few tablespoons of greek yogurt to get the smooth, creamy texture you will be sure to love! Sip, relax and enjoy!


Use the Grill

Use the Grill Eat lean and enjoy while you grill this summer with your fave veggies and lean protein. Diversify your meals by getting creative each day. Healthy marinades like balsamic, Italian and even teriyaki can go a long way in adding to the taste. So enjoy as you slim down this summer and never ever feel deprived!


Create Healthy Swaps

Create Healthy Swaps Gone are the days of fried food, because you are on the right track to a healthier and happier lifestyle. But good news, you can still enjoy summer faves you love, like breaded zucchini - just have the healthier swap. Bread the zucchini with whole wheat bread crumbs and bake in the oven or skip the breading and just go to the grill.


Make Sure You Get Your Workouts in Daily

Make Sure You Get Your Workouts in Daily Consistency will be key to achieving the great results you deserve, so make sure you get your workouts in every single day! If you want to enjoy your summer treats and still lose weight, you need to ensure your activity level is high, so get up and get moving. Every step you take will bring you one step closer to your goal!

So enjoy your summer treats, be mindful of making healthy choices and enjoy each and every bite!

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I bought a sorbet maker... It makes frozen fruit into sorbets without any need for sugar etc... And I love it in summer

And for ice cream, try Yasso bars. They taste just like ice cream even though it's frozen yogurt.

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