Weight Loss Myths and Lies All Girls Need to Realize ...

By Neecey

Weight Loss  Myths and Lies  All Girls Need  to Realize  ...

The way to lose weight is to be committed to a plan of healthy eating and regular exercise. There’s no magic formula, no magic pill. It is down to you and your choices. If you’re not losing weight maybe some of this following list is familiar.

1 “I’ll Start Tomorrow”

We have all said this at one time or another! If the mood to embrace a diet takes you, don’t stall it just because it’s Sunday night rather than Monday morning. Ride the wave of motivation!

2 “I’ll Cleanse First”

Let’s be real, a cleanse is just a fancy way to stall the actual hard work of exercise. Unless your liver is in real bad shape, you really don’t need to cleanse!

3 Googling Weight Loss Tips

You might be tempted to look for a shortcut, but you know deep down that the only thing that will succeed is good old fashioned diet and exercise.

4 Googling ‘How to Exercise’

If you fall into an online hole of exercise ideas, you will never get up from the computer. Just trust your instincts and begin jogging at a comfortable pace, you will know what feels right.

5 Fad Diets

Fad diets are named as such because they rarely have the credibility to have staying power. Just stick to calorie control combined with exercise and you will be fine.

6 ‘Negative Calories’

Don’t believe the hype about things like celery that claim to burn more calories digesting than they give your body. They may be healthy foods, but you still need a healthy amount of calories for your body to function.

7 Watching Work out Tapes on the Couch

You’ve actually put it in the DVD player, great start. But the trick is to get up and copy the people on the screen, not just sit and watch from the couch like it is some kind of action movie!

8 Body Shaming

You should never try to make yourself feel better about your own progress by looking for others to body shame. Your positivity should come from within rather than coming from comparing your body to other people’s who may not be on the same journey as you.

9 Complaining

Having complaints about your body is always the starting point of any weight loss journey, but as you go on, you should let go of these complaints and instead celebrate the changes you are making, however small.

10 Fitness Class Vouchers

Don’t grab ten yoga sessions for the price one on Groupon, because if you haven’t paid the full price you won’t feel bad about skipping the classes if you are not in the mood!

11 Fitbit

Fitbits are a great accessory for somebody who is committed to the entire weight loss regime, but if you are still eating two McDonalds a day, your 9000 steps really aren’t going to count for much!

12 Future Clothes

Don’t buy a pair of jeans in your dream size to act as motivation, because inevitably they will have the opposite effect and make you sad to look at them if you have had a bad week in terms of weight loss.

13 Meditation and Prayer

Meditating or praying may be helpful with giving you the motivation to start losing weight, but they don’t work alone; you still need to put hard physical work in too.

14 Re-Blogging/Sharing Fitness Blog Pics

Sure, these pics are great for inspiration, but instead of displaying the success of others, put the extra work in and you will be able to post your own pictures instead!

15 Hiding Your Body

Just because you have a nice, tasteful maxi dress that you can wear at the beach, it does not take away from the fact that there is some weight that you could do with losing. Try not to fool yourself.

16 Diet Sodas

Don’t be fooled in to thinking that diet sodas are some sort of free pass for satisfying your fizzy drink craving: the aspartame they contain can be just as harmful to your body.

17 Finishing Your Friend’s Plate

It still counts even if you didn’t order it! You did such great work ordering a salad, there is no need to reach over to her plate and grab the rest of the French fries that she has left behind!

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