Lose Weight by Doing These 7 Exercises at Home ...


Lose Weight by Doing These 7 Exercises at Home ...
Lose Weight by Doing These 7 Exercises at Home ...

If you’re anything like me, you don’t really care for going to the gym and would rather just exercise at home on your own. I don’t like being watched while I work out, so home is where I usually exercise. Even if you can’t afford to set up an entire full gym at your house, you can still get a pretty great workout that both burns calories and tones your muscles at the same time. Try one of these exercises and you won’t ever have to drag yourself to the gym again.

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Swing Kettlebells

Swing Kettlebells This is my top choice of home exercise and I highly recommend that you give it a try. Swinging kettlebells is fun and it burns calories and works the muscles throughout your body at the same time. You can easily burn several hundred calories in an hour of kettlebells and you can watch television while you do your workout. Perfect!


Jump on the Trampoline

Jump on the Trampoline Whether you have an exercise tramp or one in the backyard, you can get a really good workout by jumping. The jumping itself burns tons of calories, which is pretty important if you’re trying to shed some pounds. At the same time, you work many muscle groups. That includes your core, which you activate to keep you balance. You also activate the muscles in your back, butt and legs.


Ride an Exercise Bike

Ride an Exercise Bike If you don’t want to leave your house to go on a regular bike ride, you can ride a stationary bike at home. This is a great choice of exercise because it burns mega calories for weight loss and you can listen to music or watch your favorite shows on Netflix while you work out. There are lots of bike options so you’re sure to find the one that works best for your needs.


Run on the Treadmill

Run on the Treadmill If the weather outside is crappy, keeping you from your typical outdoor run, a workout on the treadmill can be just as good. You burn a similar amount of calories and you give your lower body a great muscle toning workout at the same time. Plus, as I said before, you can watch television and never have to leave the house, while still getting the workout you need.


Try Some Bodyweight Moves

Try Some Bodyweight Moves This includes things like pushups, triceps dips and planks. They won’t burn as many calories as some other forms of exercise, but they do build lean muscle mass. This boosts metabolism, which helps your body burn calories more efficiently. That can translate to weight loss when combined with cardio and a low-calorie meal plan.


Do a Little Dancing

Do a Little Dancing Dancing is a great form of exercise because it burns calories and requires you to use your muscles at the same time. Next time you want to exercise and have some fun while doing it, put on your favorite fast-paced music and jam out for at least 30 minutes. Get your kids involved for a fun family activity that you can all feel good about.


Play Basketball in the Driveway

Play Basketball in the Driveway Got a hoop in your driveway? Playing basketball is an easy way to burn calories and tone your muscles at the same time. It’s also really fun and experts say that choosing exercise that you enjoy makes it more likely that you’ll stick with it.

What’s your favorite way to exercise at home?

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