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While it’s true that your body does need some carbs just to fuel your daily activities, too many carbs can lead to weight gain. The problem is when you choose refined grains over the healthier whole versions. Too many bad carbs can cause your body to pile on the pounds. If you’re looking to cut carbs and shed some weight, try adding these hacks to your daily routine. They’ll help you slash your carb intake without getting in the way of your energy levels.

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Get Creative with Your Sandwiches and Wraps

Get Creative with Your Sandwiches and Wraps One of the easiest ways to slash carbs is to skip the bread, tortilla, pita pocket of whatever else you usually use for your sandwich. But that doesn’t mean you have to feel deprived either. Try using a large lettuce leaf instead. Or serve your grilled cheese on cauliflower bread. You might also try turning your typical sandwich into a salad instead. Easy, right?


Snack on Cheese

Snack on Cheese Sounds crazy, right? However, most low-carb experts totally recommend eating cheese for a snack. It fills you up, but is much lower in carbs than things like pretzels, potato chips and crackers. Go for part-skim cheese to help you keep your calorie intake under control. Otherwise, enjoy your favorite type without any guilt.


Have the Fresh Meat Instead of the Processed

Have the Fresh Meat Instead of the Processed By eating fresh cuts of meat, you can keep the carbs under control. That means forgoing the fried chicken from the supermarket deli and grilling yourself a chicken breast at home. You also want to stay away from processed meats in favor of things like salmon, sirloin or a pork chop.


Skip the Drinks and Fill up on Water

Skip the Drinks and Fill up on Water Things like soda, energy drinks and fruit juice contain the bad carbs that you want to stay away from. On top of that, many of them are absolutely loaded with sugar and calories. Your best bet is to drink water most of the time and save the other stuff for the occasional indulgence.


Try Making Veggie Noodles

Try Making Veggie Noodles Pasta is one of the carbs that many women have a hard time giving up. By making your own noodles out of veggies, you can still enjoy a favorite meal and save yourself loads of carbs at the same time. Use a spiralizer to create noodles out zucchini, cucumbers, sweet potatoes or eggplant. Then top them with your favorite tomato pasta sauce and you’re all set with a low-carb and delicious meal.


Have a Smoothie for Breakfast

Have a Smoothie for Breakfast So many of the breakfast foods you love are heavy on the bad carbs. That includes many kinds of cereal, bagels and toast. Having a smoothie is the clear alternative. Fruit has carbs, but they are the good kind that your body needs for fuel. Blend them with Greek yogurt and a dash of honey for a healthy meal that will satisfy your appetite and help you stay on track.


Try Flour Alternatives

Try Flour Alternatives Bleached white flour is definitely something to stay away from if you’re trying to cut carbs. Sadly, it’s in so many foods. Baking your own things at home can really help. Try using coconut or almond flour when you make muffins, pancakes or quick breads and you can still enjoy something you love without all the carbs.


MuNch on Dark ChocOlate

chocolate, dessert, food, brown, chocolate brownie, Dark chocolate is way better for you than other sweets. It's rich in sweet flavor without all the added sugar of other confectionary goodness. The darker the better but it's okay if you have to wean into that. Added bonus: studies show it's heart friendly as well!


Lose the Oils and Margarine

dish, food, produce, land plant, cuisine, Completely processed and totally bad for you, swap out the margarine for real butter. And if you have to use oil, try coconut oil, avocado oil, or pure olive oil which are all filled with omega-3's as well as other nutrients and antioxidants.


Sub out Starches for Veggies

food, dish, cuisine, produce, vegetable, Cauliflower is a miracle food for low carb dieters. You can use it to make rice, mashed potatoes, and even pizza crust as an alternative to the regular counterpart which is loaded with calories. I've never tried it, but others have said you can't really tell the difference; and the pictures look pretty legit!

What’s your favorite carb cutting hack? Do you think you’ll try any of these suggestions?

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Stop trying to make carbs unhealthy!! They're not the enemy damn

I eat cards every single day!!!

Carbs do a lot for the body.

Rad-dizzle, it might be the carbs that you are eating. Carbs are incredibly good for your body.

If I see one more low-carb diet... Carbs are literally the cell's source of energy. Yes you may lose weight but it's not sustainable you will be extraordinarily weak and have to go back to eating carbs and when you do you'll gain all the weight you may have potentially lost right back

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