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Slimming Secrets to Try This Spring if You're Looking to Drop Some Pounds ...

By Tara

Over 25 percent of people gain weight during the winter so as the seasons change, they feel spring is their time to get up, get moving and slim down. With the extra hour of light at night time, the warmer air and blooming flowers, you may find yourself surging with energy. So use this energy to get in shape for spring. Slim down and get in your best shape. Make every day matter and your body will thank you with great results. And make sure to drink more water, walk more, and eat mini meals! Check out my slimming secrets you should follow pronto to get in your best shape this spring!

1 Drink More Water

hair, clothing, girl, lady, beauty, Cheers to that glass of water to help you to slim down, feel less bloated and even notice a difference in your hair and skin. Water is one of the most important essentials for weight loss and this will aid in the digestive process. So say cheers to a leaner, hydrated and less bloated you!

2 Add Lemon

fruit, plant, produce, food, citrus, And a few squeezes of lemon to your water for some vitamin C to aid in iron absorption, to decrease or possibly even eliminate bloating and also add some citrus to your day. Citrus always tastes great and it is so ultra-refreshing, might I add!

3 Keep Dinner Light and Easy by Using the Grill

food, dish, vegetable, produce, land plant, Keep your meals simple without worrying about clean up by using your grill. Standing outside on a spring day grilling beats cooking outdoors in the freezing winter. Use the change of season to get outside and enjoy some grilled veggies, fish, and chicken. You will save on time with clean up and calories by grilling. Enjoy as you become the master of the grill this spring!

4 Get out for an after Dinner Walk

blue, clothing, image, girl, beauty, One of my favorite childhood memories was the after dinner walk. It started in spring and usually went until the end of fall. Enjoy a 20 minute walk after dinner with your family or friends to aid digestion, boost your metabolism and seize the day!

5 Plan Meals

dish, food, meal, breakfast, plant, Set a plan for healthy eating throughout the day. Ensure that you have all the fruits and veggies stocked for your recipes and prepare a healthy creation each and every day. If you plan in advance you will see more positive results and also feel more secure in your choices!

6 Schedule Your Workouts

human action, person, clothing, muscle, jogging, Schedule your workouts every day and do not budge from the time you have planned. If you have super busy days get up earlier to get your workout in and out of the way. We make time for what it important to us so get outside for an early run to take in the spring sensation and beauty of the day!

7 Enjoy the Change of Seasons with the Later Sunset

clothing, swimwear, blond, muscle, photo shoot, The later sunset brings you an extra hour to get your workout in, more free time to enjoy the beauty of nature blossoming and also another hour to grill for the family. So make the most of the extra brightness and make sure you get your workout in!

8 Spring Clean Your Pantry

vendor, market, food, sense, produce, While you're spring cleaning everything else, take a crack at cleaning the pantry. Removing bad for you foods will allow you to make room for good foods, as well as, allow you to be more mindful of what you've actually been eating. Place more nutritious foods in the front so you're more likely to grab those versus something unhealthy.

9 Leave Fruit on the Counter

hair, clothing, swimwear, blond, supermodel, Clearing your counters or even your kitchen table of all food except a fruit bowl, will make you more likely to eat it because you're always seeing it. I don't know how many times I've stuck fruit in the fridge then forgotten about it-ugh... Such a waste!

10 Sleep Enough

white, clothing, human positions, wedding dress, bridal clothing, With daylight savings time, it's easy to lose sleep and get off schedule. To ensure you're not packing on pounds this spring, make sure you're getting an adequate night's sleep. Studies show people who sleep less than 7 hours a night tend to weigh more than those who get a full 8 plus hours of sleep.

So spring into your best shape with those great tips and make sure you make each and every day matter. Life is what you make of it so enjoy the change of seasons with the spring slimming secrets I have shared!

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