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10 Things to Keep in Mind when Youre Trying to Trash Your Belly Fat ...

By Tara

High waist pants, control top hose, and loose tops are all just ways of hiding rather than achieving what you really want - a flat belly! But your daily workouts are not cutting it. You need to focus on details to defy your big belly genetics. If you want to lose belly fat you need to focus on just how you can achieve this. Because where there is a will, there is a way. So hold your head up high, check out and get ready to follow these tips to achieve super slim and sexy results.

Table of contents:

  1. When you eat is important
  2. What you eat is critical to results
  3. Processed food is not flat belly friendly
  4. Need to get your cardio in
  5. Pump iron to boost your metabolism
  6. H2o is the way to go
  7. Sleep is essential
  8. Eat soluble fiber
  9. Reduce or eliminate alcohol
  10. Reduce your stress

1 When You Eat is Important

Late night eating is never a good thing because you will have a restless night forcing your body to digest food when you just be shutting off and getting REM sleep. And skipping meals is never a good thing. Aim to eat healthy meals every 2-3 hours to boost your metabolism and allow your body easier digestion. This will not only flatten your belly but you will also have more energy!

2 What You Eat is Critical to Results

If you are eating hamburgers on a regular basis and then complaining about your belly fat, it is time to get a clue and make better food choices. You need to lower your fat intake and increase your fiber intake. What better way than eating a salad! So eat your greens and you will begin to see flat belly results in no time! And eat mini meals throughout the day rather than consuming three larger meals. This is easier on the digestive system and will also boost your metabolism.

3 Processed Food is Not Flat Belly Friendly

With the chemical and preservatives in processed food, this is most definitely not flat belly friendly. These foods will cause inflammation in your body preventing you from seeing the lean results you are dying to achieve in your mid-section. So eliminate the processed foods and live a whole, fresh diet 100%!

4 Need to Get Your Cardio in

There are many days when I do not feel like doing my cardio workouts but I always push myself to get it in because cardio helps to lower body fat stores. The leaner you are, the easier it will be to see abdominal definition, so push yourself in a super sweaty cardio session.

5 Pump Iron to Boost Your Metabolism

At times lifting weights may seem boring but there is a method to this iron lifting madness i.e. boosting your metabolism. By lifting weights you will develop lean muscle which is metabolically active, even at rest. This means that while you are laying on the couch relaxing, you are burning more than the person next to you that does not life weights. Quicker metabolism will equal leaner, abdominal slimming results, so get to it!

6 H2O is the Way to Go

Even if water is not your favorite beverage you should still be drinking plenty of it! 8-10 glasses of water will help to eliminate toxins from your body, hydrate your system and help you to eliminate belly bloating. Add a splash of lemon since this is a natural diuretic and it is also ultra-refreshing!

7 Sleep is Essential

Get to bed and recharge that beautiful body for 7-9 hours of snoozing per night. Adequate sleep will help your body to perform at its best, boost your metabolism and help you to refuel for your next workout. So get to bed sleepy head!

8 Eat Soluble Fiber

Soluble fiber absorbs water and turns into gel-sounds gross-however, it does the body good by slowing down food as it passes through the digestive system. This causes you to feel full faster, longer, and decreases the amount of calories your body absorbs, causing you to lose weight.

9 Reduce or Eliminate Alcohol

While small amounts of alcohol, such as red wine, are heart healthy, your body does not do well with frequently large amounts of alcohol. Studies show an increase in belly fat in people who regularly consumed heavy amounts of alcohol versus those who did not. The studies show those who had one drink daily had less fat than those who consumed multiple drinks a day or two a week.

10 Reduce Your Stress

I know, this one is easier said than done! However, there are ways to reduce or even eliminate stress (or at least learn to cope better). High amounts of stress causes the brain to release cortisol, which in turn causes your body to store fat-mainly in the midsection. High cortisol levels cause an increase in appetite. Engage in yoga or other enjoyable activities to help reduce your stress levels.

With all these flat belly tips that are my tools and tricks of the trade, make sure you get to it and achieve the results that you deserve. Every day we make choices in who we want to be so go ahead and live the life you crave with your fit flat belly dreams!

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