10 Foods 🍽 to Give You πŸ‘†πŸΌ the Flat Belly You've Always πŸ‘πŸΌ Dreamed πŸ’­ of Having ...

Most girls call their tummy area a trouble spot. That’s where we tend to hold excess flab and having kids only makes the problem harder to battle. Of course, you should be getting plenty of cardio and strength training to keep yourself slim and toned. However, there are some foods you can include in your meal plan that can help flatten your tummy too. Add these to your shopping list and see what I mean.

1. Have Some Sliced Cucumbers

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Cucumbers are an often underrated vegetable that I totally think deserves more attention. Not only are cucumbers delicious, but they also have diuretic properties, which can help you banish bloat and keep your tummy flat. They also contain fiber, which boosts healthy digestion and keeps you from getting puffy in the belly area. Have sliced cucumbers in place of potato chips with your sandwich or add them to your ice water.

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