Girls' Guide to Losing Weight without Dieting ...


Girls' Guide to Losing Weight without Dieting ...
Girls' Guide to Losing Weight without Dieting ...

Diets aren’t always the key to lasting weight loss. Yes, you can achieve weight loss temporarily but what happens when you stop following the diet? Weight can slowly creep back on. By banishing the word diet from your vocabulary and following these simple tips, you can lose weight without ever going on a diet.

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Make Water Your Beverage of Choice

When you drink water instead of soda, sweet tea or even juice, you’re shaving hundreds of calories off your daily intake. This one simple change can lead to weight loss for you. That’s especially true if you drink several sodas or other high calorie beverages a day. In addition to helping you lose weight, water is good for you. Your body needs water more than any other beverage.


Tweak Your Favorite Recipes

Another way to lose weight without going on a diet is to tweak your favorite recipes. You don’t have to give up the foods you love! Simply make a healthier, lower calorie version of them. For example, if you love burgers then make them with lean ground beef or ground turkey and wheat buns instead of white. You cut your calories, fat and get more fiber and vitamins, too. It may take a bit to get used to the new recipe but in time you’ll probably find you prefer it.


Switch Your Condiments

Calories can hide out in condiments. You may not realize exactly how many calories you’re consuming when you slather mayo on your ham sandwich or ranch on your salad. In fact, condiments can sabotage your entire meal. Switch to lower calorie versions or different condiments altogether. You could also try different condiments such as mustard or a vinaigrette dressing, both of which are lower calorie alternatives.


Choose Thin Pizza Crust over Thick

This was a difficult switch for me to make but I’ll admit it’s a lot less calories. Thick pizza crust can add 100-150 calories per slice. Thin crust is much lower calorie. You still get all the toppings you love and it gives you your pizza fix. And of course you can occasionally splurge for thick crust; I do!


Leave Junk Food at the Store

If you want to eat less junk food then this’s the secret. Leave it at the store! You can’t stuff yourself with Oreos and chocolate cupcakes if you don’t have them in the house. An occasional treat is perfectly okay. It’s having treats everyday or multiple times a day that gets you in trouble.


Fill Your Fridge with Healthy Snack Options 🍉 🍇

Instead of filling your fridge with junk, choose healthier snack options. String cheese, whole wheat bagels and fruits and veggies are all healthy snacks. In time, you’ll find that you actually crave healthy foods. If your body is used to healthy snacks and meals then that’s what it craves. Try it and you’ll find you’re soon craving healthy snacks like fruit salad, carrot sticks and hummus.


Build Exercise into Your Lifestyle 🚴

Lastly, the need for a diet will decrease when you live an active lifestyle. Exercise helps you to achieve weight loss more easily. You’ll be more likely to stick with an exercise routine if you enjoy it. Try to find something you look forward to such as taking a walk, biking or an exercise class. With an active lifestyle, your weight will be more easily managed.


Use a Smaller Plate

By using a smaller plate, your eyes trick your brain which tricks your body into thinking you're eating a lot when you aren't which obviously helps you lose weight because portion control. So start shrinking your plate size to help lose weight without really changing anything.


Up Your Protein Intake

By eating more protein you fill your body up quicker but it takes longer to digest leaving you fuller longer. This is a great trick to lose weight because protein is actually really good for you in other ways.



Studies have shown poor sleep attacks your brain in the appetite suppressant section. It leads to the slowed production of leptin which slows the full feeling. It also adds stress to your body which produces more cortisol which causes you to retain fat in your middle section.

These are some tips to help you lose weight without ever going on a diet. What tips do you follow to maintain a healthy weight? I love learning from you!

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Cardio every other day is also good to maintain a good weight.

This is going on a diet though. If you are choosing healthy snacks and leaving junk food at the store, that's like the definition of diet.

how to lose belly fat bloated stomach get my sexy abs back and a bikini body

I like to run on treadmill and also use the elliptical as well

Lifting weight to tone arms, legs, stomach is a great way to burn calories& tone muscles for tank tops& shorts!

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