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One of the most popular weight loss shows that is taking over ABC’s late night television can help to motivate you to lose weight and better your health. Learn from the contestants a few tips to help you to lose weight, get motivated and stay on track. Follow their tips and view their perspective from everyday life as a contestant. And make sure you choose your goals for yourself. You deserve to live the very best life. So follow these effective tips from the Biggest Loser Contestants:

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Tap into Your Emotions

Season 16 of the Biggest Loser Sonja Jones discusses how you need to become vulnerable, transparent and tap into your emotions. Understand what caused you to gain weight so you can avoid this in the future. Know wat is making you want to eat more and crush this to achieve your goals! Learn more about yourself and what motivates you to eat healthy!


Realize That Diet is Everything

As Biggest Loser Sonja Jones speaks that diet is everything, she is so right! You can work out countless hours but you cannot outrun a bad diet. So be mindful of the food choices that you make and do not sabotage all your hard work for a good meal. No meal is worth that!


Put on an Apron

As Season 16 Biggest Loser contestant Sonja Jones speak out, when you are adopting a healthy lifestyle it is much tougher to dine out. It is not bad on occasion but on a regular basis you should put on an apron and create your own healthy meals. This will help avoid any room for error in your diet!


Preview the Menu

Sonja Jones speaks on dining out the smart and proactive way. You need to live your life and let’s face it, you cannot avoid dining out forever. So when you do dine out, preview the menu to make the best choice in advance. Then when you are dining out you will not choose a high fat dish on a whim. Think clearly before you even enter the restaurant and you will stay on track!


Have a Goal

Season 15 contestant Chelsea Arthurs went onto the set of the Biggest Loser with a goal to learn to run. She had always disliked running so her goal was to make a transformation turning something that was usually negative to something positive. Have a goal to help you stay on track for training and keep you motivated to achieve your goal!


Be Prepared It Will Take Work

When Season 15 contestant Chelsea Arthurs was chosen for the Biggest Loser she was both excited and nervous. And when the workouts and healthy eating began she was in for everything she expected and more. It was all hard work but it was well worth it. Be prepared to work to achieve great results!


Give It a Month

For Biggest Loser Contestant Chelsea Arthurs it took about a month to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Even up until week three it had not clicked that this was her new life. Once she found herself craving exercise, she knew a new chapter in her life had begun and she had transformed to a healthier and happier person!

With the great tips from Biggest Loser contestants that don’t just talk the talk, but walk the walk on a daily basis; follow their tips for results. And stay motivated each day because you deserve to better your life!

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The best diet is to eat nothing for a while 📧

Bunny, that is actually the WORST POSSIBLE thing you can do! You will end up seriously underweight and malnourished!!!

U r the best ur articles r fantastic m trying to follow the tips u give hope it works for me

Loooooool Kris ! So be it I ve had enough ...

And I didn't mean eat nothing forever ! But for some intervals .. Like fasting this really woks for me !

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