10 Weight Loss Rules to Lose It and Keep It off ...


If you want to lose weight and keep those pounds off your newly slim body, it is going to take work, discipline and dedication. And your focus should not be on just slimming down but also bettering your life. If you follow these simple rules you will see and feel the difference. You will also have more energy to conquer more during the day. So begin by snacking more, indulging less and up the intake of your water. These two small changes will boost your metabolism and have you feeling stronger for longer in the day. And check out my other tips that can make a big difference in your life!

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Snack More, Indulge Less

clothing, photograph, blue, woman, fun, If you find yourself constantly hungry and you choose to wait it out to the next meal, you will actually end up eating more. Small meals throughout the day are more easily digestible for the body and as a result will give you the metabolic surge you want. This rule of eating can help you to lose weight and kick those pounds to the curb for good!


Drink More Water

Boxed Water, clothing, leg, thigh, muscle, Say cheers with your glass of water to speed up your digestion, eliminate bloating and stop cramping. Since people so often confuse hunger with thirst, you can eliminate this dieting dilemma by simply choosing to drink more water daily!


Move More

clothing, swimwear, beauty, season, vacation, If you find yourself attached to your chair throughout the day and are just getting up to get your workout in, your weight loss may be sluggish. So make a change and move more throughout the day. Choose to get up and get your body going and as a result you will lose weight and have a heck of a lot more energy. I feel at my best when I do more and at my worst when I relax too much. So get up and get moving to lose weight and feel so much better!


Ditch the Refined Sugar

beauty, skin, leg, finger, eye, Stop noshing on sugary snacks that are causing you to gain weight and have mood swings. If you are craving a sugary snack, choose natural sugars in fruit instead of refined sugars that have no nutritional components and cause weight gain!


Nix the Carbs Late Night

hair, clothing, blond, hairstyle, head, Having carbs late at night can have you awaking the next day feeling bloating, seeing the number rise on the scale and feeling lethargic. Carbs late at night will just turn to sugar and you are not even giving yourself a chance to burn these carbs, as you would if you chose to eat them earlier. So ditch the late night carbs and get to bed, sleepy head! Your waistline will thank you tomorrow!


Add More Cardio

human action, person, woman, girl, sports, Increase the cardio apsects of your workouts to burn more calories and if you really want to feel the burn, make your cardio more intense. Intense exercise is more effective in burning calories both during your workout and at rest. So get intense to burn more fat and lose weight for good!


Pump Iron Regularly

human action, structure, overhead press, strength training, room, By adding a regular weight lifting routine you will burn more calories at rest. You will also change the look of your body as you begin to see muscle tone and definition. As we get older in order to fight the look of the aging process, it is essential to add weights to your routine. And as a result of your efforts, you will look and feel better!


Start Cooking More

dish, meal, food, lunch, cuisine, By skipping the fast food or even eating out in general, you save tons of calories! Portions in restaurants are bigger and we always feel compelled to eat it all so by cooking at home you know how it's made and how to portion correctly helping you lose weight and keep it off.


Eat Breakfast

Don Quixote, c.1955, cook, We all seem to think skipping breakfast is going to help lose weight, in reality it causes weight GAIN because your body goes into starvation mode and holds onto the foods you do eat. If you want to optimize the whole skipping breakfast thing than look into intermediate fasting.


Drink Green Tea

human positions, room, girl, sitting, leg, Everyine knows green tea is good for you, but do you know how good? Studies have shown it increases metabolic rates by 4% which is 60 extra calories a day (or more depending on how much you weigh). Black coffee is also a great choice too if you aren't big on tea; or try your green tea iced instead of hot!

With these simple and effective rules. It is important to follow and stick to the plan so you can see super results! And believe in yourself because you deserve to achieve the incredible results you have dreamed of!

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Drink green tea 3-4 cups per day ☕️☕️

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