10 Totally True Things That Help You Lose Weight ...


10 Totally True Things That Help You Lose Weight ...
10 Totally True Things That Help You Lose Weight ...

You’ve heard about most of the ways you can lose weight. Cutting calories by eating better, exercising more, avoiding the drive-thru, not drinking soda, skipping dessert. The list goes on and on. While these are certainly some of the best way to drop some weight, there is often other advice that can help too. Sometimes something might sound a little weird, but can result in weight loss. I bet you’ve never heard of these ways to lose weight. They might just work for you!

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Have Chocolate for Your Morning Meal

design, ANENER, ENER, ENDING, LOVE, Wait! Before you unwrap that Hershey’s bar. This one comes with a caveat. Research shows that satisfying a craving first thing in the morning can help you make better choices all day long, but you have to keep it small. So if you can’t resist chocolate, go ahead and toss some chocolate chips in your oatmeal or have hot chocolate with your waffles. Yum!


Never Buy Food with Anything except Cash

person, hairstyle, glasses, STARBU, When you have to part with your hard earned cash, it can be easier to resist temptation. If you have a penchant for a creamy coffee drink in the afternoon or a side of fries when work gets stressful, you may be quick to whip out the debit card. Try paying for food only with cash for a week or two. If you have to break a $20 bill for a coffee, chances are higher that you’ll be able to resist. Less food = weight loss.


Have a Glass of Warm Water before a Meal

drink, citrus, produce, juice, lime, Research shows that drinking down a glass of warm water before you sit down to a meal can help you eat less food. The warmth of the water works by tricking your body into thinking you’ve already eaten something and are partially full. That means you can eat less during your meal. Easy, right!


Eat in Front of Other People

leisure, vacation, mer, I think we can all agree that it’s easier to make poor food choices when we’re alone. By eating where other people can see you, you can resist the temptation to eat unhealthy foods in large quantities. You don’t want anyone to see you eat six slices of cake, right? Eat in the lunchroom with your coworkers or have dinner on a park bench where others might see you instead of eating at home alone.


Keep a Written Record of What You Eat

dish, food, meal, produce, breakfast, Just like you don’t want other people to see you eating poorly because it can be embarrassing, you want to stay accountable to yourself too. If you’ve ever had to keep track of your diet for any reason, you know how you feel when you have to write down that you just sucked down a 64 ounce soda or an entire bag of Doritos. Keep a notebook where you write down everything you eat. Snap pictures too if that helps.


Make a Weekly Menu

food, sense, dish, By carefully planning what you’re going to eat at all your meals, it’s much easier to shop for what you need to make it happen. Each week, sit down and plan out your meals and snacks, then make a coordinated grocery list. This way, when mealtime comes, you can throw together a meal that is healthy and that will help you lose some weight.


Light Vanilla Candles Throughout Your Home

clothing, hairstyle, spring, fashion, dress, Studies show that the comforting scent of vanilla can help you relax and prevent overeating due to stress or distraction. Make a habit of lighting vanilla candles at mealtime and you may find yourself eating less and feeling satisfied with smaller meals. Easy, right?


Eat Blue

blue, season, flower, spring, produce, No, don't start dying all your food blue, but do start using blue napkins, tablecloths, or plates! Blue is said to be an unappetizing color which causes you to eat less.


Make Dinner Happy

dish, food, meal, cuisine, lunch, Decorating your dining space with plants, paintings, tablecloths, dim lights, and calming music have all been attributed to eating 18% fewer calories for dinner. Keeping your dining space stress free also ensures at least part of your day is going to be! :)


Big Chunks

food, fashion accessory, art, produce, bead, No matter what your making, keep the veggies in big chunks. Not only does this cut down on prep time, but it also takes more time and effort to chew which means you'll get full faster. The opposite is true as well, tiny pieces let's your mind think it's eating more.

How to you lose weight? Which of these ideas are you most excited to try?

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Never knew about the glass of warm water, I might try that.

Light vanilla candles throughout your home..sounds beautiful

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