How to Reverse Holiday Weight Gain in Only One Week ...


How to Reverse Holiday Weight Gain in Only One Week ...
How to Reverse Holiday Weight Gain in Only One Week ...

So the holidays are gone and you are left with bulge, bloating and feeling cranky because of this. Are you stuck with this 5-10 pound weight gain from the holidays or can you kick this to the curb? With increased activity and dietary changes you can most certainly lose the holiday pounds and keep this off for good. And the best part about this is that you can lose this weight gain in as little as one week. So get up, get working and lose weight to win great results and kick the holiday weight gain to the curb!

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Drink Lots of Water

red, pink, lip, lip gloss, hand, Drink up on plenty of water to reverse holiday weight gain in as little as a week. And a splash of lemon to remove toxins from the body and beat the bulge. This small change can help you drop 3-5 pounds of water weight in a matter of days so drink up!


Increase Your Protein

human action, hair, clothing, person, room, Up your protein intake to decrease your appetite and increase your metabolism. Start your day with protein to set yourself on the right foot and eliminate all day grazing. This small choice can help you to have control of your day and not have appetite surges!


Double Your Workouts

underpants, clothing, briefs, undergarment, active undergarment, To drop the holiday weight gain, double your workouts and increase the calorie burn. Just a 30 minute. extra fitness session can help you to burn 300-400 calories more per day. This equals weight loss and can help you to kick that holiday excess weight off of you for good!


Sweat It out

human action, clothing, person, structure, human positions, To shed those holiday poundage you have to sweat it out so go for your 45 minute to one hour cardio workout and push yourself to the extreme. As you feel your heart pounding and beads of sweat glisten your body, just think of how you are losing the holiday weight gain.


Change up Your Routine

clothing, swimwear, muscle, supermodel, brown hair, Your daily routine of running is no longer cutting it because you are not feeling challenged so switch it up to achieve incredible results. Add a tabata workout or hill sprints to boost your metabolism, switch up the routine and step out of your comfort zone. In fact you need to learn to become comfortable being uncomfortable in your workouts!


Eliminate the Sugar

muscle, arm, leg, thigh, sense, If you enjoyed your dose sugary treats over the holidays you are not alone. But it is time to get back to a sugar free reality and ditch the refined sugar that will cause bloating, weight gain and inflammation in the body. When in need of a sweet treat, enjoy an apple that is natural and whole; it will do the trick without breaking your healthy eating plan!


Move More

clothing, swimwear, supermodel, photo shoot, model, Get up and take little breaks throughout the day, take multiple trips up your stairs, break up your workouts and make it a habit of moving more. If you become more active you will likely lost the holiday weight, burn more calories and also find yourself just feeling better. So get up, get going and move that beautiful body of yours!

So with these easy peasy tips, it is time to make simple changes to lose the holiday weight gain. You deserve to slim down and shape up so get to it!

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I cut out all of the "Festive/Holiday" alcohol and add an extra 10-15km to my daily ride. This cuts out an amazing amount of unneeded and unwanted calories a day- plus, the extra calories burnt a day is amazing, during my "outdoors spin class"... :)

So I have a question if you do not mind. I was getting into shape and lost about 50 pounds :) problem is before the summer I injured my back and my sciatica is still painful and affect my right leg too. How can I exercise? Should I just start with yoga? I can't go back to running, at least not yet.

@rad-dizzle thanks! I have done yoga but never as my full time exercise but I think it's my best bet. I do don't want to get fat again! lol

Nice tips

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